Best Songs From Muse's The 2nd Law

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1 Supremacy

I love the vocals. I saw them live in st louis and I was amazed the matt can hit those notes even in real life. Best. Concert. Ever!

Sounds like a James Bond theme to me. Just epic.

One of the best songs on the album.

Simple, yet catchy. Good vocals.

2 Panic Station

Animals is the best by Muse, but I'm so happy they made this utterly bizarre song with the cheap Japanese style video. This needed to exist and now it does. Animals is more meaningful and generally better, but we always get that anti-government music with Muse. Panic Station is just completely different. - Aeterna

Great song. Catchy and really addictive. Second bet guitar riff ever is in panic station. Very experimental... Worked great.

This style is similar to queen I really like it

This song has a beautiful meaning, which makes it fantastic!

3 Madness Madness Cover Art

How on earth is this the last song on this list, it is such a cool song. The video is epic too. People move this song up. It deserves to be much higher.

Madness is the perfect rock ballad, like a mellower version of Imagine Dragons' Radioactive. - ChristianDavid

Supremacy is a really good song but Madness is a little better

Awesome song. Enough said. Got a problem.. go listen to The Resistance -. -

4 Survival

I can really tell The 2nd Law is the best Muse album for me. All the songs are good (I don't like only Save me), but Survival is EPIC. This is my own rating for the 2nd law:
1. Survival
2. Supremacy
3. Panic Station
4. Explorers
5. Follow Me
6. Big Freeze
7. Madness
8. Liquid State
9. Unsustainable
10. Animals
11. Isolated System
12. Prelude
13. Save Me

Best song off the 2nd law by far. Me being an older Muse fan this is about the closest the album gets to Origin Of Symmetry so I'm going to have to go with this. - Zeldaron

Supremacy and survival are the best of this album for me! Amazing song!

Honestly this is the best muse song.

5 Animals

This isn't only my favorite song but it had the best video out of all of them. Look it up some time. The video goes directly with the video. Plus I like how the song builds up. Well done

This song is the only song in this album that defines muse... The guitar in this song is so damn good...

If you stop and think about the lyrics this song really hits home hard. The conclusion haunts you right through to the end of whatever song you listen to next.

Best song of the album, what a guitar here of Matt, is beautiful and powerful. It has a politic message, legendary

6 Follow Me

I love this song so much. It makes me want to cry every time I hear it because of the emotion that is put into the lyrics. I showed this song to my sister and she cried so much because of how much she has gone through, me playing this for her told her that I would be there for her no matter what. Muse really can make an impact on people's lives and this song is an example on how they do it.

AWESOME SONG. Can't STOP LISTENING TO IT. I thought Madness was probably the best song on the album but when I heard Follow me, I just knew there was no beating this one. The song just blows you away. Overall The 2nd Law was not exactly Muse's best album.

This song is so beautiful! I am currently listening to it! It is put on repeat for me all the time! How is Follow Me not in the top 3?

The fact that Matt used Bing's heartbeat in this song is so cute

7 The 2nd Law: Isolated System

This song is so inspirational. It starts off with just a simple piano part, but it keeps growing, then it hits that major chord which really kills me, and then it eventually has the piano, violins, drums, choir, and god knows what else. Such a good song.
My list is:
Isolated System
Big Freeze
Panic Station
Liquid State
Follow Me
Save Me

How is this not higher!? Easily the most underrated song on the album! Just everything about this song is perfect! Hopefully it is featured in more soundtracks than just World War Z

This is hardly even a song it sucks so much... Definitely the worst Muse has to offer

Most underrated muse song ever.

8 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

Good song my favorite part is when you hear matt's voice

Do you know any other solo female singers that started in the 1960's at all?

? Huh

"Do you know any other solo female singers that started in the 1960's at all"

I...don't even...What?
This is actually so stupid it's hilarious
I smell troll...

I think this song is...dubstep isn't my thing...I can't say how relived I am that muse didn't make more stuff like this

I probably would of killed myself lol

9 Liquid State

Great song. The vocals and overall feel of the song kinda make it more appertaining to non muse fans in my opinion. Just cause it sounds more down to earth than everything else by muse.

Chris has a really nice voice

So underrated

One hell of a good song.Nothing more to add

10 Explorers Explorers Cover Art

One of the most underrated songs of the 2nd Law or from Muse in general. Yes, it is different, but it is utterly beautiful and meaningful, and it gets even more emotional when the so called vocal solo kicks in. Once you discover the great power of this firstly softer sounding song, it will not go away. In contrary to Follow Me, which in my opinion was very great in the beginning but has lost its power after a while. But it could be I have been listening to The 2nd Law too many times in a row, let's say like more or less one year straight - the album is so diverse it's easy to listen it over and over again!

I could listen endlessly to this great song. It definitely deserves to be voted up!

I can listen and sing this song every time I can, it makes me flow...

A refreshing splash of "old muse" on this otherwise very pop-ish album. This song needs to be commenced for its world building lyrics and for its tension building instrumentals.

The Contenders
11 Big Freeze Big Freeze Cover Art

Explorers/Big Freeze haters, don't give in. I feel the good in you, the conflict. Let these please surpass Follow Me, not a bad track but one which may lose its magic after a while.

How is this song not at the top of the list? Matt did amazing vocals and the music itself is amazing

This song is one of the most underrated Muse songs! I love Big Freeze! - HollyRolo

Best Song if the whole record. Guitar and Bass perfectly balanced

12 Save Me

Why is this so underrated? The lyrics just strike a chord in me. - Slipperyjack40

I think the reason no one appreciates this is because its way too haunting. Although I would say this may be one of the best songs on the 2nd Law no one will consider it because of its haunt value.

Save Me is the beautiful song written and sung by Christ Wolstenholme about his alcohol abuse and how is wife was the only one who could get him out of this mess. This is one of the few songs from The 2nd Law that I actually want to listen to.

Chris has an amazing voice on this one.

13 Prelude

The vocals can't be amazing, this is just music

So underrated it hurts. Vote this up.

Best song vocals are amazing

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