Best Songs From My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade

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1 Welcome to the Black Parade

Many consider this song to be My Chemical Romance's best song or their grand masterpiece. But I'm my opinion, it's not as powerful as Famous Last Words. Don't give me wrong, it's an amazing song that is a hell of a time to listen to, but the message in this song isn't as powerful, like I said earlier. It's more upbeat than most of their songs, which is another reason it's not as strong. With Famous Last Words having a darker tone to it, it makes it all the more inspiring. In conclusion, Welcome To The Black Parade conveys strong emotion and a powerful message, and even though it's not number 1 it's still incredible.

I know this song is very popular, but it's popular because it's good. It's beautifully written and awesome and has perfect moments of slower paced things and fast things. The lyrics are beautiful and uplifting and I absolutely love the entire song all together

This is my chemical romances hit single its really catchy listen to it on YouTube - ryanstorm

When I was a young boy, I listened to this song.

2 Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words tells of The Patient's final words, saying that he's not afraid to keep on living even after he's dead. This song has shown me something as well. I had a problem with self harm, and one night I was thinking of killing myself. I had my headphones on and right as I was about to cut my wrist, famous last words came on, and I stopped. I listened to it at full volume, my ears hurt so much, but Gerard's message was so clear and so beautiful I didn't care. I wadded up my razors in toilet paper and flushed them. This song saved my life, and I recomend you give it a listen.

Of course Black Parade is 1. It gets attention. It NAMES the album.
On the other hand, THIS song is so much better! Ray rips into it with his guitar, the solo is epic, Gerard's screaming is great. This is the first aspect of the song.
The second aspect is beautiful. The ending is perfect, the chorus is great, and the "cause I see you lying next to me..." thing is hauntingly beautiful.

The only problem is that my band can't reach that high.

Welcome to the Black Parade is the summary of the album. Famous Last Words ends it and it gives the best close to any story written yet. Famous Last Words is about struggling against life and holding on to a bit of hope no matter how small it is. And because of that hope, you get to end the battle triumphantly even though it seems like all paths are done.
The instrumentation of this song is EPIC. The guitar layering is genius, arrangement is straight up, rock and roll with heartfelt lyrics, and how it glues together the individual parts of the song and the album's concept even makes the song even better. No words can describe how much of a masterpiece Famous Last Words is, for that, it deserves to be hailed as one of the greats.

This was very disengaging as a song. The writing is quite good, no doubt about it, but the song itself isn't very amazing as it isn't a good combination of both good writing and good sounds.

3 Teenagers

This is probably my favourite song on the black parade album. It is absolutely amazing

This song is the song my friend showed me and got me hooked on My Chemical Romance. Love It!

I love this so much and I's amazing. I love screaming the lyrics. - AnonymousChick

Love love love love love

4 Dead!

Dead! Tells of The Black Parade's main character, The Patient, and his death. He doesn't know he's dead, there's someone who's glad he's dead, it's not a really happy song, but the upbeat tone and amazing instrumentals will have you hooked!

No words can describe the awesomeness of the song. Lets just say without this song my world would be nothing. My Chemical Romance FOREVER!

Personally, this is my absolute favourite song. All you need to do is hear the intro and you're instantly hooked.

Someone made a cartoon out of this song on Youtube, and it's absolutely fantastic, to match the song.

5 Mama

I love this so much My Chemical Romance is the best thing ever

Mama tells of another character in the rock opera The Black Parade known as mother war, and what it puts people through. It's heavy rock mixed with mild sounds creates something truly amazing.

I think this should be number two I love this song

Just a great song one of the best - kylebuschfan18

6 Disenchanted

! How can this song be on the third place? It's the most beautiful song in the whole album! It's so heartbreaking and the lyrics are so beautiful... This song is about dreams, broken dreams... It can talk about all of us, because we all have a broken dream, a heartache or whatever. This song's about people... It's simply perfect. And it deserves more than the third place :(

One of My Chemical Romance's greatest. Disenchanted is my favorite. The song is beautiful and heartbreaking.

This needs to be higher. This is an AMAZING song! The chords and the vocals are so perfect with each other and the lyrics and amazing!

What. 8th place?

This song should at least be 3rd. The emotion, the lyrics are just amazing. This is the song that makes My Chemical Romance so much better than bands like FOB because it shows the deeper side of My Chemical Romance. Love this song. Love the lyrics.


7 Cancer

I tried to cover this for the school talent show but the original is always best left alone, untouched, so powerful without My Chemical Romance's usual jarring strains and screams, so somber without whispers, so chill-bump inducing without any powerhouse vocals, but with the complete rawness and passion, and slight raspiness, paired up with pianos, perfection, passion, melancholy all in one

I love this song. It's my favorite from The Black Parade. It's so sad and beautiful and makes you cry if you're in the right mood. And even though I'm a fan of both, I'll always like the original song over twenty one pilots' cover.

I can't believe that this is down at number 9. It may be underrated but this is so meaningful. It brought my mum to tears and that's saying something!

1. Cancer 2. Welcome to the Black Parade 3. Mama 4. Famous Last Words 5. Dead! 6. The End 7. Teenagers 8. The Sharpest Lives 9. I Don't Love You 10. Blood

8 This is How I Disappear

Best song the album better riffs better drums. I mean it's the whole album is masterpiece but still this number 9? what

No comments for this song? Seriously this song is definitely amazing! It just never gets boring... The more I listen to this song, the more I get addicted. Both the music and lyrics are always stuck in my head!

This song is criminally underrated. It's probably my favorite My Chemical Romance song of all time!

This one is just so amazing and I don't know why I love it so much - AnonymousChick

9 I Don't Love You

After I heard an acoustic cover I decided to hear the original I didn't like it after a while I listened to it again and than another and then another and now I love this band

Guitar, drums, vocals all highlights in this song. It sounds amazing and the lyrics hit you.

This is my favorite song from The Black Parade. It has a soft little glow to it, and the band has really captured my feelings of the past and threw them into the song.

Why isn't this number one?

10 House of Wolves

My List
1: House Of Wolves
2: I Don't Love You
3: Sharpest Lives
4: Sleep
5: This Is How I Disappear - dkmec42

I love the band's explanation of the song. They likened the lyrics and sound to somebody dying and finding hell in a jazz club, similar to and inspired by an episode of Looney Tunes. The bouncy guitar and Gerard's ever sexy tongue rolls make for a fun listen.

This song is so fun and almost upbeat compared to the songs before and after it on the album. It's fun to sing along to, play on guitar to, and it's easily the most danceable song on the album. So underrated it's a shame but it's my favorite off the album.

I'm just so obsessed with the upbeat sound and the heaviness of the guitar! I love the message too, it shows a personal meaning to me.

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11 The Sharpest Lives

This song has so much meaning to it and the lyrics are great. It is about Gerard's alcoholism and how he felt during it. "If it looks like I'm laughing I'm really just asking to leave." "If I crash on the couch can I sleep in my clothes." "There's a place in the dark where the animals go, you can take off your skin in the cannibal glow." And my all time favorite lyric in this song, "Juliet loves a beat and the lusty command, drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo."

I'm really impressed Gerard Way manages to sing this song. There's absolutely no spots to breathe

The Sharpest Lives has that same darker tone as Famous Last Words, which I like a lot. To be honest though, I like this song mostly because of Gerard's voice and the instrumentals. I don't see a huge message conveyed in this song, I just like the sound of it, and good god does it sound good. I still don't get that little orgasam whine after the first chorous.

One of their most underrated songs. Not just on the album but in general.

12 Sleep

1. Sleep
2. House of Wolves
3. Famous last words
4. Mama
5. Welcome To The Black Parade
6. Cancer
7. Dead
8. Disenchanted
9. Teenagers
10. I don't Love You
11. The Sharpest Lives
12. This Is How I Disapear
13. The End
14. Blood+

"But through it all how could you cry for me? Cause I don't feel bad about it"

Honestly this song along with the sharpest lives and to the end are the only reason I like this album.

This song is so underrated. It's so damn powerful. And the guitar intro is EPIC.

My personal favorite from this album, underrated, and in my opinion deserved its own music video. - Chairlord_Redeia

13 The End

This song is honestly amazing! My friends and I throw a fit every time it comes on. Our parents are terrified of us. We have an entire routine! Then the Dead follows like come on!

This is one of my absolute favorite songs from the album, it should be way farther up! I love everything about it, it is just amazing!

Another song about the patient telling about his life. How it can be messed up and how this is the end for him.

How is this not #1!? It is my all time favorite!

14 Blood

This song has no message it's just fun to listen to!

I listen to this on my period

I think it's funny how it talks about the patient before he even dies. It talks about his experiences at the hospital.

This song has a fun theme and beat, and is great to listen to

15 Kill All Your Friends

This song provides a really catchy and outstanding outlet for the band. Its only purpose is to show that the only time we get together, is when somebody dies.

Because I'm not a murderer
*Widens eyes, tilrts head, looks at you, smiles, holds up knife* - AnonymousChick

16 My Way Home is Through You
17 Heaven Help Us

My ringtone of course

This song is so amazing 😝

18 All the Angels
19 Not that Kind of Girl
20 Emily
21 The Five of Us are Dying
22 Party at the End of the World
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