Best Songs From My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge


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1 Helena (So Long & Goodnight)

This is an amazing song and I love it so much! I know that everyone put a lot of effort into the song. Gerard Way's voice is just so perfect. Ray Toro's back up vocals and guitar playing are amazing. Mikey Way's bass playing is also amazing. Frank Iero is so passionate about his guitar playing. Helena is a song that everyone should at least listen to once. It has a good melody and great lyrics. The vocals are amazing and so are the instrumentals. It's a song that no one should skip.

This song has such great lyrics and I love it! It is one of the first songs I heard by My Chemical Romance and in my opinion, one of the best. I'm glad that it's at the top, it deserves it

I totally want My Chemical Romance singing this at my funeral, and maybe it wouldn't be such a sad event... Though my death would be quite a tragedy...

All songs on this album are masterpieces but this takes it all

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2 You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison

It has some really cool sound effects and its really funny with a storyline to it. I have no idea why this isn't in top 3

This just maybe my favorite song by My Chemical Romance and it's by far the best on this album!

My favourite My Chemical Romance song on my favourite My Chemical Romance album. - georgielikesgreenday

My favourite My Chemical Romance song. Ever.

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3 Thank You for the Venom

Honestly, props to ray toro on this song

When I heard this song. I fell for My Chemical Romance. At first, I never remembered the names of the other songs, just this one. I adored it. And I still do.

I earnestly think Three Cheers has the most creative guitar instrumentation My Chemical Romance has done in any album and it shows on Thank you for the venom. It has one of the best riffs, every vocal melody is awesome and it just makes you wanna headbang.

I love the instrumental in the beginning and the way that Gerard sings the first verse is amazing.

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4 I Never Told You What I Do for a Living

The lyrics sound like he does prostitution for a living, but probably murder. Gerard...a prostitute? Where?!

Amazing song, such a jam, and the ending! I love My Chemical Romance

"I'm so dirty, babe". Gets me every time.

A poetical masterpiece

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5 I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

I can NOT believe this isn't higher! It's pretty much an iconic modern rock song! I love it cause it's about fitting in and that's something I seem to have trouble doing, plus the solo halfway through is superb from the one and only Mr Toro!

Relatable on many levels, even though it is on 4th place I definitely think it deserves to be higher - Chairlord_Redeia

Aw crap. I think of this song a lot. The meaning is about being weird and strange, and to not care who thinks what and that kinda stuff.

This was the first My Chemical Romance song I ever listened to and it's so good. I just love the lyrics, the melody, and the guitar in it.

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6 To the End

I love this song to death (pun intended). It deserve to be in the top 10 at least

This song I think should definitely be higher up in the list because its great and awesome regular rock music and I think it is one of the best he has ever sang!

THIS SONG IS MY LIFE! aNd aLl tHe cYaNiDe yOu dRaNk. Also, this is going to play at my wedding.

I absolutely love this song and the lyrics "the cyanide you drank" are always in my head.

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7 It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a Deathwish

This doesn't even crack the top ten? Nonsense. This song is definitely one of the best on the album, if not the best. Everyone give it another listen and get this in the list.

My second fave song of all time

(After Panic! At the disco - Time to dance)

I just really love the guitar and vocals in this song. Well, I love that about all their songs, but this one stands out.

Come on, this is the definitely the best song on this record. - Shaday7x

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8 The Ghost of You

This deserves to be higher

Why is this not even in the top 5? Is everyone forgetting the amazing video too?

How is this not at the top? This song is a masterpiece! One of their most powerful, emotional and desperate songs, beautifully heartbreaking.

Should be higher. love the acoustics

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9 Give 'em Hell, Kid

Favourite Lyrics: "We are young and we don't care, Your dreams and your hopeless hair" - Lanturnizer6

Dude what this should be in the top 5 at least I am legit sad

My favorites are cemetery drive, I'm not okay and give em hell

What? This should be on top 5 at least... one of the best song of this album so catchy... wonderful

How is this so low? It’s the third or fourth best on the album for me.

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10 Cemetery Drive

I know Cemetery Drive is my favorite on the album, but then I have like 7 second places, so I can't fault this list!

One of my favorite songs of all time. I love Gerard's vocals in this. Just one of those songs you don't get tired of.

The greatest song ever

Has its fast moments, but takes the time to slow "way down" and sounds very heartfelt.

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11 The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

The chorus in this is just amazing.

Aww, sugar...GERARD WAY WHY YOU SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS YOU ASSBUTT YOU. Seriously, though, this is SUCH a great the whole Spanish accent on 'Hotel Bella Muerte/ Hotel de la Muerte' is just...just...beautiful...

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12 Hang 'em High

Why is this not at #1? In this song Gerard manages to give me goose bumps without any backing instrumentals at that one "DDOO-OON'T STAAWWP"

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13 Interlude

This is the best song everyone can die off

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1. Helena (So Long & Goodnight)
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1. I Never Told You What I Do for a Living
2. Helena (So Long & Goodnight)
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1. Thank You for the Venom
2. Give 'em Hell, Kid
3. Hang 'em High

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