Best Songs from Queen's "News of the World"


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1 It's Late

Great track from a great album.

2 We are the Champions

I don't like this album as much as A Night At The Opera. But I think that this is easily the best track. The rest of the album is still quite good except for the last 3 songs, so this is not the only good song here though.

Awesome song with great instrumentals from the whole band

3 Spread Your Wings

I hesitate to vote for Spread or Melancholy Blues, but choose the first to the latter. The awesome hit number by John shows capabilities of the whole band! Highly recommended live versions and the exceptional BBC session version!

Amazing song great work Queen

Fantastic song... Yes I agree the BBC session version is perhaps better than the recorded version...

4 We Will Rock You
5 Sheer Heart Attack
6 Get Down, Make Love

Very underrated track.Great hard rock/punk rock song, sung by Taylor.Love the guitar riff.

7 All Dead, All Dead
8 Fight From the Inside
9 My Melancholy Blues

just a beautiful moving and genuine song, full of harmony and electric vocals a true genius of an idea from the man himself

10 Sleeping On the Sidewalk

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11 Who Needs You
12 Feelings, Feelings
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