Best Songs From Nickelback's Here and Now

"Here and Now" is Nickelback's seventh album released on November 21, 2011. Please vote for your favorite song from this album and don't forget to give a comment.

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1 Kiss It Goodbye

My favorite song by them, it should be a single and is better then this means war by a long shot, the other underrated song on this CD is everything I wanna do which is the 2nd best on this great album of theirs.

It is one of the greatest songs I ever heard! I can't tell you how much I love it. It just has everything that hit song should have. Great and true lyrics and great guitar riff! - Marericmalone

One of the greatest songs I heard. This should be in top 10 but really and it should be one of the singles! This is mine favourite song from album.

Best hard rock song from this album and my ultimate favorite off this album, the lyrics are so real and the vibeand the riffs are fantastic! Oh and I love the chorus :D

2 Lullaby

Such a beautiful song, so bittersweet! The video is awesome too! Nickelback is the best, can't wait for the concert in june! - debikay

One of my favourite Nickelback songs! The lyrics really speak to you, and my god, Chad Kroeger proves beyond doubt that he is vocally talented.

This song got the true soul, love this song, it's very touching.

This is one of my favorite songs from Nickelback.

3 This Means War

Best song ever from nickelback


4 Bottoms Up

How the hell is 'this means war' first? This song is obviously way better! When I listened to bottoms up I couldn't help but sing along. I actually had to skip 'this means war' cause it was so boring!

Greatest hard rock song for Nickelback on this album. I can't resist the drums and the guitar play

Crank the volume up on the speakers and you have yourself your very own party...!

5 When We Stand Together

This song is great in the essence it portrays about human pretensions, the way we prove we are the biggest hypocrites of the living world. Fantastic song and great video by Nickelback. The lyrics, the song, guitars and vocals --- all are first-rate!

I have heard this song on the radio a couple of times and I must say it is very catchy! they have once again made a song that their target audience can love for many years to come! - dragon13304

One of the best songs ever

6 Gotta Get Me Some
7 Trying Not to Love You

Great song by great band, I can say that this song may turn as one of the best songs for Nickelback on this gorgeous album... May be ever!
Beautiful chorus and great guitar play, simply irresistible. I know that "When We Stand Together" and "Bottoms Up" are on the top but this song deserves a lot higher position. Just listen to it and I'm sure that you'll rush to this list and vote for it right away

I am sure nickelback is gonna do a video for this song it has such an amazing meaning... Just reminds me of my girl friend... I am sure this should be there at least on top 3...

Amazing song. Makes you think about a bad mistake.

This song is way cool. How come its even in this position. Wawo

8 Everything I Wanna Do

I understand why everyone thinks that this song shouldn't be in the Top 5 but I think this song deserves to be around number 2 or number 3. It has a great beat, maybe not the most amazing lyrics, awesome guitar tune and riffs and Chads voice makes you wanna headbang in happiness in the chorus.

This song really deserves some attention. Hard-Rocked and great!
Lyrics are awesome and the guitar riff is outstanding.

9 Don't Ever Let It End

This is the nicest song by Nickelback since Far Away, there are many other songs by Nickelback that are slow love songs like this and Far Away but this one and Far Away are special, they both have beautiful lyrics, soothing tune, perfect singing and many more reasons. This and Everything I Wanna Do should be in the Top 5.

10 Holding on to Heaven

This song should be the next single, its perfect for the radio. Just listen to it and you will see why it should be on there! Another favourite from this album1 - dragon13304

The feelings are strong and the guitar goes with it! One of the best nickelback songs SO FAR

Y100 Download New Artist Nickelback Holding On to Heaven

I love this song. It's my favorite Nickelback song of all.

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11 Midnight Queen
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1. This Means War
2. Don't Ever Let It End
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1. This Means War
2. Bottoms Up
3. Kiss It Goodbye
1. Kiss It Goodbye
2. Bottoms Up
3. Everything I Wanna Do

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