Best Songs From the Nightmare Before Christmas or Nightmare Revisited

The Top Ten

1 Sally's Song (Amy Lee Version)

Obviously the best because she's the best singer ever. - DrRyAn

2 Sally's Song (Fiona Apple Version)

She is not one of the best singers ever but this version is amazing. - DrRyAn

3 Kidnap the Sandy Claws (Korn Version)


4 Sally's Song (Catherine O'Hara Version)

Very short but very beautiful. - DrRyAn

5 This Is Halloween (Marilyn Manson Version)

This is the best

6 Oogie Boogie's Song (Ken Page & Ed Ivory Version)

Why is this not #1?

7 Poor Jack (Danny Elfman Version)
8 Making Christmas (Rise Against Version)
9 Poor Jack (The Plain White T's Version)

I love The Nightmare before Christmas and the Plain White T's so putting them together is like a supernova of amazing.

10 This is Halloween (Panic! at the Disco Version)

The Contenders

11 Town Meeting Song (Danny Elfman Version)
12 What's This (Danny Elfman Version)
13 What's This (Flyleaf) What's This (Flyleaf) Cover Art
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