Best Songs On Nightwish's Oceanborn


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1 Sleeping Sun

My Favorite Nightwish Song! - Mikbiter15

This is the best song from Nightwish in my opinion.
Her technique, her vocal was amazing!
Definitely number 1

2 Stargazers
3 Passion and the Opera
4 Sacrament of Wilderness
5 The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
6 Swanheart

Such a beautiful, Symphonic song! Tarja sang this with emotions!

7 Moondance
8 Gethsemane
9 Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
10 The Riddler

The Contenders

11 Nightquest
12 Walking In the Air

I really love the tunes of this song. Plus, this song makes me cry of happiness.

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Top Remixes

1. The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
2. Stargazers
3. Sleeping Sun
1. Sacrament of Wilderness
2. Passion and the Opera
3. Sleeping Sun



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