Best Songs Off Kanye West & Jay Z's Watch the Throne

The Top Ten

1 Ni**as in Paris Ni**as in Paris Cover Art
2 No Church In the Wild

And he finally built one

3 Otis
4 Murder to Excellence

Murder: The raw facts of inner-city life--in Chicago or any city.
Excellence: What could be but isn't quite yet. After 4 years, the barriers are still there.
A two-part masterpiece--the essence of Watch The Throne.

5 H*A*M
6 Gotta Have It
7 Who Gon Stop Me
8 Made In America
9 Why I Love You
10 New Day

One of his most underrated songs ever created, period

One of my favorite Kanye verses
"I want him to have an easy life, not like yeezy life"

The Contenders

11 Primetime

Off the deluxe version

12 That's My Bitch That's My Bitch Cover Art
13 The Joy The Joy Cover Art
14 Illest Motherf***er Alive

Why is this song so low in the list?

15 Lift Off Lift Off Cover Art
16 Run This Town Run This Town Cover Art
17 Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle Cover Art
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