Best Songs From Owl City's The Midsummer Station

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1 Silhouette Silhouette

I really love this song. One of Adam's best, definitely. It's a little sad, but it's an amazing song, worth listening to even if Owl City isn't your thing. ;")

Hope this is the next single... Gonna be big on the charts if marketed properly

My favorite song in the universe. It's very touching and seems to fit me perfectly.

This song is absolutely stunning and beautiful in every way!

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2 Embers Embers

I'm really touched by this very song of Adam young "Embers".
Whenever I listen this song my mind feels that somethng's happening 2 myself. The Music, the way he sings, the way he mix up all kinds of music... Awesome!
Superb... He's really a best singer.

This is a Great song with great lyrics. And I think it does talk about Adams faith. :) Adam Young Rules!

Super Rocken Awesome Song, Adam. It should be the theme song for Legend of Gaurdians 2 movie.

3 Shooting Star Shooting Star

Brilliant song! Can't believe it only got to 176 on the UK Singles Chart!

Perfect tune, lyrics, and it really makes me special! Love it!

It's a really beautiful, powerful song

Heard it on Air 1, It Rocks!

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4 Gold Gold

I love this song. Its lyrics are so meaningful and beautiful, and I love listening to it. I think for a lot of people it boosts self-esteem, and that's awesome, but for me, it reminds me of the people I care about, and how much they mean to me.

This song is what every girl needs to hear. People need this. Need to know they are worth it. That the are valuable.

Its a very good song with very good music

5 Dreams and Disasters Dreams and Disasters

I really like how this song is easy to sing along to and remember. It's thrilling and unique, with quirky lyrics you won't hear from anyone else.

It's really good song. Pumps you up instantly. Must be much higher in the list

El ritmo tan fuerte que llena el alma con una alegria tan pura con su hermosa voz

6 Metropolis Metropolis

Subway through the dark/Carriage through the park/Taxi down the street/Get out and use my feet/Don't matter much to me/What it is that I do/As long as I'm comin' home to you

I love metropolis it creates such a great picture and the electronic background is breathtaking

7 Good Time Good Time
8 Dementia Dementia

I wouldn't say it's the best because silhouette is beautiful but this
should be better than ten!

Good Time Sucks! This song and Silouette, Embers, Gold, and Shooting Star are Far Better and should all be singles.

9 Speed of Love Speed of Love

Love this Song- deserves more recognition!
This and Embers are my fave songs of the album.

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10 I'm Coming After You I'm Coming After You

One of my overall top picks out of the Midsummer Station. I love the fast beat, and of course, the lyrics couldn't be better.

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11 Take It All Away Take It All Away
12 Bombshell Blonde Bombshell Blonde V 1 Comment
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