Best Songs From Papa Roach's Metamorphosis


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1 Hollywood Whore

Awesome song about all how all the spoiled whores are never going to last without their money and fame. - Shadsilvson11

2 Lifeline

This song is amazing. It Manages to represent my life like no other song. Lyrics are Amazing. Guitar Riff is Killer. You know Hollywood Whore Amazing! One of the best songs in existence but I just got to give it up for Lifeline.

Pretty good song but not the best. - Shadsilvson11

3 Had Enough

One of their more political songs but great nontheless. - Shadsilvson11

4 I Almost Told You That I Loved You
5 Into the Light

One of the more underrated songs. Kickass guitar work shown here. - Shadsilvson11

6 Change or Die

One of the hardcore ones from the album. Rocks. - Shadsilvson11

7 March Out of the Darkness
8 State of Emergency
9 Nights of Love

An emotional one. This one is still great for what it is. - Shadsilvson11

I really think this song is underrated

10 Live This Down

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11 Carry Me
12 Days of War
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