Best Songs From Paramore's Self-titled Album

Their new album, different but still AMAZING. All songs are good.

The Top Ten

1 Last Hope

This one is the best for me, alongside Part II. Just an amazing, emotional song that is really inspirational and the one that I can really relate to.

One of if not the best balled of all time the very first time I heard this song I was balling (crying) my eyes out it's so emotional best vocalist of all time hayley williams 3rd best band of all time paramore my favorite thing of all time hayley williams perfect song best on the album even though every second of this album is a 100/10 for me also when I listen to balleds by paramore I get chills and goosebumps all over my body best vocalist of all time

This is the most inspirational song that I've ever heard... I get chills every time I listen to it.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

2 Ain't It Fun

The fact that they experimented with genres in this song is what makes it awesome and different from the others. Yeah okay, let's say that it's from the Self-Titled Album and has poppy melodies into it but it's a big difference from the other songs in this album, it's an outcast in a great way (If you guys get my drift), and the fact that they (The band) weren't afraid of experimenting with other types of music rather than just staying with one genre they're known with is another thing that they aren't just making progress in their music, but their band as well.

Most upbeat song in the whole album, trumps all of the other songs. It is also one of the most catchy percussion beats, if you listen, and shows of Hayley's musical ability very well.

Really catchy, one of the stand out tracks on what already is a great album. Glad it's being released as a single!

Has the power in it, every time I heard this song my bones want to dance

3 Part II

By far the best song on this album, at least in terms of sound and melody (and also the topic of the song is strong and well delivered). Wish they had heavier songs like this one on the new album.

Let The Flames Begin was already amazing and one of the best Paramore songs of all time. But Part II is just even more amazing and should be number one!

This song is too epic! Has to be the best on the album!

Just love it... the lyrics, the instrumental it's a dark poetry which makes me rock!

4 Anklebiters

This punk anthem about "You're gonna be the only one you've got" is at the core of Paramore - the angsty vibes of their first three records mixed with the more stylish pop sound of their latest release!

Greatest in this album!

5 Proof

The lyrics in this one. Are. Fantastic.

Deserves the 1st spot.

6 Still Into You

This is honestly one of my favorite Paramore songs. I'm obsessed with this band and years ago when they released this single, it got me back into Paramore. This song along with Ain't it fun is one of those songs that almost everyone knows, yet never knew it was Paramore until they looked it up. Not only is the song fun and catchy, but the music video perfectly captures the feeling of the self titled era.

Sums up perfectly how I feel about Paramore. "After all this time I'm Still Into You. "

Come on, guys, it's one of their best song by far..

This is my favorite song from this album...

7 Daydreaming

This is my favorite, it just sounds so magical and pretty. I love the music video as well.

Now come on has one of the most beautiful lyrics from the whole music history. This really taughts you about life and other people that are simple and robotized. So listen to this song and escape in a new, beautiful and better life.

8 Grow Up

This is what No Doubt's last album should've sounded like.

Great Song! Needs to be in top ten - gellious

How is this not number 1?

Very perky!

9 Now

My favourite song from this album deserve first position along with part 2, still into you and fast in my car... My favourite band after Metallica is paramore... Love this band...

First song I heard on the album and I STILL LOVE IT. it has such an inspirational vibe to it and it still shows that they still have those rock elements in some of their songs. - joshleberte

This was their first single from the self-titled album. The most powerful, catchy and rhythmic. Also the most convincing song. Should be number one.

Why is this so low? This is by far the best song of the album. After all, it was the first single released from the album. This deserves to be number one!

10 Hate to See Your Heart Break

Very beautiful song. The best in the whole album next to Last Hope.

This song was the first that made me fall in love with Paramore's lyrics. Beautiful.

One of their most beautiful songs and one of the best of the album - RandomPerson1234

My lullaby at night

The Contenders

11 Fast In My Car

By far they're most fun and reckless song yet.
Yet, it pays off.

12 (One of Those) Crazy Girls

I think this song is SO UNDERRATED. It's beautiful, definitely.

This song is AMAZING, should've at least cracked top five

Why is this song not any higher! I love the sound and lyrics so much :o

13 Escape Route

The self-titled era has some great songs but this one is amazing, great lyrics, great music and great tune, it could have easily slotted into the album as a part of it instead of a b-side in some versions

Old school Paramore still of music

14 Future

This deserves way higher than #14... this is one of my favorite Paramore songs. It starts off quite slow, but has beautiful lyrics and a short little guitar tune. Then those heavy instrumentals that carry on for the rest of the song are just amazing. I love how in the middle, they fade out and come back. This song is nearly eight minutes long, but every second is worth it.

Such sad, relatable lyrics. A Beautiful song. And the outro is amazing!

Amazing song and I love how it doesn't follow the standard structure of songs.

Undoubtedly the best of the album. The longest paramore song ever, with post rock influences. Epic tune. - RandomPerson1234

15 Interlude: Moving On
16 Native Tongue
17 Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
18 Tell Me It's Okay
19 Be Alone

This song describes everything I want!

Best melody ever made by paramore! Awesome guitars

This song shouldn't be last on this list

20 Interlude: Holiday
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