Best Songs by Paul McCartney

The Top Ten Best Songs by Paul McCartney

1 Maybe I'm Amazed

His best solo but developed during his time with the Beatles. Best solo is Band on the run. Fantastic beginning to end and not a silly love song.

Absolutely amazing. What else to say. My top favorite. Indeed, of all time.

One of the best songs of all time

Played at my wedding and a song I never get tired of listening to. Absolutely love this song!

2 Hey Jude

If this list deals with any song he wrote, whether with the Beatles, Wings, or solo, this is the best song he wrote. One of the most iconic songs in popular music history. It can have so many different meanings and interpretations, even though we all know why he wrote the song. The greatest song that involves audience participation, and probably one of the top 5 greatest rock songs ever written.

Hey Jude is a lyrical piece of art which is undoubtedly one of the greatest Beatles songs. Don't think I've ever heard such a heartfelt, yet catchy sing along.

What! This song is awesome and easy listening! This should be in top 5

This has got the be on of the best songs OF ALL TIME.

3 Yesterday

Whenever The Beatles played live there was screaming throughout their songs. The exception was this song Yesterday. You could hear a pin drop when McCartney took the stage.
When McCartney hit the last note normal service resumed and the crowd screamed once more.
50 years on and McCartney still gets the same reaction when he sings the song at his concerts. The audience is in awe of the song.

This song has 2 records that still stand today. Yesterday was the most remade song between 1965-1986. Remade over 1,600 times. Yesterday and You've Lost That Loving Feeling have been played on American radio more than any other songs. - westofohio

This song was very great! It is voted as the best song in 20th century and no. 1 pop song of all doubt about this song, YESTERDAY!

One of the best songs of all time...great lyrics

4 Band on the Run

Easily the best Paul McCartney Song.

The perfect song structure. The best example of using different kinds of music

Just listen to it, and be free! ! !

3 instrumentals into one classic song, its just GREAT!

5 Live and Let Die

Possibly the best James Bond theme song.

This song was in shrek 2

This vote is supposed to be of his solo songs, what is wings and Beatles doing in here..

Live and let die... Doo doo doo doo

6 Let It Be

One of the great masterpiece by paul mccartney, this simple yet powerful song instills one with hope that though in the darkest of time, we should search for a silver lining and just relax, let it.

So tired of this song. So overrated, so simple, so boring.

Let it be is amazing my dad says it is a masterpiece and I agree I have grown up around this music it is awesome nothing like Miley Cyrus or jz the difference is nothing beats this and everything beats that both are great!
My favorite beetle: all of them hahah - samdib7

7 Eleanor Rigby

A poetic statement on loneliness, isolation, life and death... The sum of one's life. One of the MOST unique and ground breaking compositions in rock's history. An amazing ARTISTIC statement in a music that had NOT been considered ART prior! The Beatles, through McCartney, found a new sophistication and depth with Eleanor Rigby. Paul's "story in a song" approach was never more vividly realized! Haunting melody atop a classical string quartet..."Ah look at all the lonely people"... As Paul suggests we ALL should "look" more often... We nee dent look too far as McCartney reminds on Eleanor Rigby! A masterpiece! - frank

McCartney Genius at Extreme levels

By far the best Beatles song and the best Paul Maccartney song. I love the sting in it.

8 Silly Love Songs

One of McCartney's best

9 Another Day

Good lyrics

10 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

An absolute obscure gem from his better solo period. He did justice with it when he started to play the song live on latest tours.

The best Paul McCartney in my opinion. Amazing harmony and the instruments all perfect played. In this song McCartney sings fantasticly and his lyrics are very good. I would recommended as the best with no hesitation.

One of the best McCartney song of his solo career.

The best, a total climax

The Contenders

11 Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / the End

This song to me is the 7 years of the Beatles put into a Medley, this sums up the feelings of Happiness and Hardships endured to reach this point and that even in the final moments of the Beatles, he is enjoying every second and putting everything into the last 10 minutes of Beatles life from She came in through the Bathroom Window, all the way through to End, the Medley is the Symbol of what the Beatles Achieved in just a few years the change in music itself.

Best part of the Medley is the "Golden Slumber's Fill your Eyes, Smiles await you when you rise" So strong and Powerful

I love this song, but this song does not start at Golden Slumbers. It goes all the way from You Never Give Me Your Money to The End. Although you almost couldn't count it then because John wrote three tracks in the middle and this is a Paul McCartney list. Any way, I love this song and I love Abby Road and I love music. God bless you all.

Nothing compares abbey road

Best Abbey Road Melody ever!

12 Say Say Say

A combination of both legends of our time who will never be replaced again for sure

A classic duet with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney himself

This Song Is Just Sooo Amazing - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

MJ + Paul McCartney = Perfection

13 Here Today

A heartfelt song to John Lennon after his death. definitely a higher contender.

If you think Lennon and McCartney were worst enemies and they didn’t care about each other, listen to this. This is a underrated masterpiece. This should get more attention from Lennon fans, and one of my favourite songs of all time.

14 Penny Lane

Best lyric, best melody, best production!

15 Beware My Love

Love this song. Great guitar.

Wings were so cool. They could do proggresive rock epics in the late 70's. When punk was trying to destroy prog, Pink Floyd and Wings showed whos boss.

Great Proggresive Rock from the 4th greatest band of the 70's. Long Live Wings

What a great song.

16 Jet

Just ahead of 'Live and Let Die' and 'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five', this is the best song of his Wings/solo era.

Sir Paul's best! Also, this page should ONLY have Paul McCartney's solo songs and his songs with Wings. Beatles songs should stay on the Beatles page.

Great up-beat Rock/Power Pop song from 1973. Probably my favourite Paul McCartney song, he did this single with The Wings.

Had it stuck in my head for weeks. An excellent example of McCartney's genius. Words can't describe

17 The Fool on the Hill

A MIRACLE composition... Dark yet light, seemingly effortless melody woven between D and Dm... Arguably one of THE BEST lyrics McCartney has ever written. Fool On The Hill is based on Paul's personal feelings of isolationism YET once again Paul broadens the tone somehow and includes ALL OF US! Written in an era when many social, political, artistic and religious leaders were breaking new ground AGAINST the odds and against THE established "norm"... Fool On The Hill could easily be construed as an empathetic observation of the plight (s) experienced by Gandhi, MLK, Malcolm X, RFK and Jesus Of Nazareth. (not to mention The Beatles themselves) Fool On The Hill clearly expresses the frustration of one who is gently preaching to a reluctant, if not hostile "flock". The tone of world events "SEEM" to have filtered into this personal song's narrative in a poignant manner... Paul's live presentation of Fool On The Hill during the "Tripping The Live Fantastic Tour" lends validation to this ...more

What I believe to be of the most natural and true songs ever written! True brilliance was put into this song.

My favorite.

18 Hello, Goodbye
19 Helter Skelter

With this song paul prove the he not only wrote ballad, but he can write some loud and dirty music

1968 - The first heavy metal song.

20 Here, There and Everywhere

Fun Fact: Paul McCartney was at a party and he heard the song God Only Knows, by the band The Beach Boys, off their album Pet Sounds, and the song impressed him as one of the most beautiful songs ever made (he might have used some of those words exactly) That night he went home and wrote Here, There, and Everywhere.

Favorite Paul song! Second is I Will.

Number 24...really. One of the greatest songs ever written by anyone.

Why so low? - Misfire

21 Pipes of Peace

Harmonies, melodic, uplifting, nostalgic... My favorite song ever... Does not get the recognition I feel it should

22 Listen to What the Man Said
23 Back in the U.S.S.R.
24 Blackbird

Melodic, meaningful, clean and evocative


25 Hope of Deliverance

So good!

26 Through Our Love
27 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
28 All My Trials

A sentimental inspiring old song with added lyrics by macca which moves and gives hope

29 Let 'em In
30 This Never Happened Before

Terrific love song. It came to my attention when I was watching
"The Lake House" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I fell in love with this song.

How is this song not on the list? It has such strong Beatle-esque feel to it. Paul is a genius!

31 So Bad

A catchy song in pipes of peace

I love the lyrics

32 My Love

My Love represents the best in McCartney ballads of love. Filled with exquisite vocal range and beautiful melodies! Written for Linda and performed for, to quote Paul: " all the lovers out there"... My Love's openening Bbmaj7 chord sets up a subtle and melodic tension that comes to rest on the solid foundation of an Am chord as if Paul has just arrived home to his Linda... Safe and assured at last! A beautiful marriage of lyric and melody indeed. Recorded live with full strings and a stunning guitar solo My Love is Paul McCartney "pop" for sure BUT with a unique SOUL of it's own! - frank

Got to be one of the best love songs of all time.

A love song for the ages.

Unbelievablly beautiful song

33 My Brave Face
34 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

One of the coolest songs I have ever heard! It would fit in perfectly on abbey road too!

35 For No One
36 No More Lonely Nights

I love the guitars!

Should be top ten

Should be WAY higher

37 Mrs. Vandebilt

This song has so much energy! Absolutely amazing in concert!

38 All My Loving
39 The Long and Winding Road

Better than 37 for sure

Such a masterpiece! Melba Moore's version is breath taking.

40 Mull of Kintyre


41 Goodnight Tonight


42 Winter Rose/Love Awake
43 Junk

Don't let the title fool you. It's a beautiful song. Grossly underappreciated. - katcha

44 Get Back

Why is this not on the list already? The pounding beat, the great vocals, the guitar solo, it is all there!

45 Ebony and Ivory
46 Coming Up
47 My Valentine
48 Let Me Roll It
49 Dance Tonight

2007 Top 40 hit for Sir Paul McCartney taken from his album 'Memory Almost Full'. A great up-lifting song with a simple, but infectious beat, great to sing along too as well. I remember him performing it on T.V..

50 Give Ireland Back to the Irish
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