Best Songs From Pink Floyd's The Division Bell


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1 High Hopes

Beautiful song. I'll admit, I used to listen to this song every day of my horrible, sad life. This song gave me high hopes. - BronySyndrome

Quite simply the best Pink Floyd song of all time narrowly (Comfortably Numb a close second! ) Subliminal lyrics, and David Gilmour's guitar at his very best at the end of the song.

My first Floyd song. I had goosebumps the first time and I cried. I cried because of the beauty of the song, because the lyrics stuck in my head and the guitar solo. Best song ever.

Best play...great lyrics... nice video...

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2 Coming Back to Life

Pink Floyd is known for doing some pretty depressing music ( especially during the Waters era ), but Coming Back to Life is an exception. First, there's the title, then, there's the intro: two minutes of that beautiful synth pad and Gilmours soaring guitar solo. Finally, there's the music and lyrics. It just makes you want to dance. To me, it lifts me up when I'm doen, and if you haven't heard this song, and you are feeling down, I STRONGLy recommend this. Also if you are that kind of guy who thinks that Pink Floyd is just a depressing, hopeless band, give this song a listen, and then, you will immediately change your mind about them. This is by far the best song in the Gilmour era, and nothing will ever change that.

"While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words, dying to believe what you heard; I was staring into the shiny sun." Simply awesome!

This should be ranked 1 guys... Best song ever...

My favorite Pink Floyd song. - CostcoHotDogs

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3 Marooned

One of the most stunning Rock-Instrumentals ever composed - Lauda123

Dreamy, amazing guitar instrumental from the legendary guitarist David Gilmour. - SammySpore

Every note moves you as the song progresses. A beautiful instrumental by Pink Floyd and one of my favorite songs.
Pink Floyd rules!

Maybe the best Pink Floyd instrumental song!

4 Poles Apart

This brilliant song is very underrated. It always brings me back to earlier Pink Floyd, specifically Atom Heart Mother, during the middle instrumental section. Thank you David Gilmour.

Best song from division bell

Very underrated...

Sad but yet such a beautiful piece of music,and the middle section adds a hole new dimension to the song that you can paint pictures on,complemented with a stunningly
heartfelt solo which is one of gilmour's best.

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5 Keep Talking

It shouldn't have to be like this. All we have to do is make sure we keep voting.

I like that comment as much as I like this song. Which is a lot. - PositronWildhawk

6 A Great Day for Freedom
7 Wearing the Inside Out

This is the only song post-Dark Side (excluding The Endless River) that does not have Gilmour or Waters credited to it. This song is Rick Wright's voice singing out about how he's lost connection with the band (after all, they fired him during The Wall sessions). However, there are glimmers of hope in this song, signifying Wright's revival from isolation and rejection.

A bit like high hopes in that it gives you some hope and aspiration for the future. Great guitar solos and sax too.

A great piece by Rick Wright, my favorite from the whole album

Absolutely magical

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8 Cluster One

Beautiful, sharp, and breathtaking chemistry between Gilmour's guitar and Wright's Piano. Although it's not my favorite, I can't stand to see it in last place.

Ambient song with amazing piano. I listen to this song whenever I need some great piano music. - SammySpore

9 Lost for Words

This is a good song high hopes is better but I wish this was a little higher than 5. Why ain't this 3 at least but high hopes better stay 1 lost for words is a good song so is coming back to life and marooned
But take it back wasn't good at all man

Awesome song. I wish it didn't have a swear word though so I can play it with my family. - SammySpore

Reminds me Wish You Were Here somehow. That's why I love it so much.

I voted because in my opinion this is the second best song in the album (right after High Hopes of course)

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10 What Do You Want From Me

Why so low? Sounds amazing.

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11 Take It Back

My favorite album no song was bad describing all songs
Cluster one -very relaxing
What do you want from me-wakes me up after cluster one and a great beat
Poles apart-very cool and one of my favorite 7 min. Song
Marooned-best instrumental by Pink Floyd
A great day for freedom-very good music and lyrics
Wearing the inside out-a song to listen to when you need to chill out
Take it back-sometimes put me in a good mood
Coming back to live-best 6 min. Song in 1994 and very good lyrics
Keep talking-epic guitar noise
Lost for words-most musical song on this album
High hopes-my favorite Pink Floyd song ever and a good ending to this album and final song by Pink Floyd written

I was going to vote for Keep Talking or Coming Back To Life but Take It Back on the bottom? we have to fix that. This song makes me feel peaceful and relaxed and just has a feel that no other song on the album has.

To tell you the truth, none of these songs should be on the bottom. Except Lost For Words.

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