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1 Comfortably Numb Comfortably Numb

One of the few complete long songs on the album this stands on its own easily and has been used memorably in films like Goodfellas

Having heard a lot of the album, this is clearly the stand out track. While Waters' parts are very good, it's Gilmour who truly sells with angelic vocals and wonderful production, particularly with some of the best solos to grace the rock genre in history. While the album may contain other great songs, none can top this masterpiece and is one of the best songs of all time. - Mrveteran


Best rock song of all time... The verses are mysterious, the chorus is melodic as can be and the last solo is out of this world.

On this album, there is Comfortably Numb to a lesser degree Hey You, 3 or 4 decent songs and the rest which are fillers, so the choice isn't very hard.

2 Hey You Hey You

This song is awesome and definitely the best song on Pink Floyd's The Wall in my opinion. The lyrics and the guitar solo are just plain epic. Great song overall. - UltraLunalaX

Best song off of the wall. Blows my mind away. The guitar is so haunting, its unbelievable - xXPinkFl0ydXx

This song speaks to me, and it shows me what happens when I try to block everyone else off, Pink Floyd's songs in general always help me through things, but this song is always the first I listen to.

I would say its between this, Comfortably Numb and Young Lust for me. But this is the best in my opinion. - hype

3 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2

This was their only UK and US number one. Get this to the top

I love Hey You, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, and tons of other songs on the album, but this one slightly trumps them all

This song is overrated in my opinion. - MaxPap

well my actual favorite is comfortably numb but I guessed everyone would vote that and this is definitely the best part of another brick in the wall, also where the hell is 'In The Flesh'?

4 Run Like Hell

The guitar riffs for this song is just plain epic - UltraLunalaX

Why isn't this at No.2. The top three should be 1: Comfortably Numb, 2: Run Like Hell, 3: Young Lust. Ooops... Those are the three that David Gilmour wrote most of. Besides Run Like Hell has an iconic guitar delay riff which later evolved into other bands using Guitar delay like U2. It is a great song and a better closer. Surely people have seen it as the last track on the PULSE live album. Another Brick at 2? It's not that good... All it has is a guitar solo. (I agree with Hey You, replacing Young Lust at 3. THIS SHOULD BE AT 2!

This and Young Lust are, in my opinion, the weakest thematically on the album. Gilmour can only write accessible straight-forward structure bores and that really stands out (negatively) next to Waters' abstract and emotionally charged masterpieces

Astonishing guitar work from Gilmour and some very nice ragged vocals and lyrics from Waters.

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5 The Trial

The vocals for this song are fantastic. Such an amazing ending for a masterpiece album like Pink Floyd's "The Wall". - UltraLunalaX

It really shows how insane he's going. There are only a few songs from The Wall I can listen to individually, and this is one of them. - BradStickings

The vocals are magnificent.

There are some other songs that are good and if some one told me this wasn't there favorite I would flip out but it deserves top 5 minimum the only song that I would say is better is comfortably numb but that song is not going any were so I thought I would vote for the most under rated song on the album.

Thumbs up if you think The Wall is the Pink Floyd album

6 Mother

This song is beautiful and emotional. I love the guitar solo - UltraLunalaX

Comfortably Numb is *objectively* the best song on the album, and I can see why, but this song is so emotional for me and connects to my family situation so well that I can't vote for anything else. The juxtaposition of the soothing, calm melody and the dark, depressing lyrics and message give this song a flavor that no other song on CD 1 really accomplished.

Best song from the album it is so deep. Mother should I trust the government is now a cult phrase.

This is so beautiful. The movie ruins.
This was the first guitar solo I learnt the whole way through.
Long live Roger Waters

7 Young Lust

This song is underrated. I really like the guitar for this song. - UltraLunalaX

Goodbye Blue Sky is a good song but I want something more heavy, that sticks with you, and is good for any mood. Young Lust meets all those requirements. Definitely one of my favorites from the Wall.

An awesome rocky break from the darker songs on the album, and perfectly summarises the young lust of pink.

amazing guitar, one of the best songs of all time

8 Goodbye Blue Sky

Another beautiful masterpiece on Pink Floyd's album "The wall" - UltraLunalaX

An incredible song based around the bombing of London during the blitz from the perspective of a child.

A hauntingly beautiful song that makes the listener wish it would never end. Although relatively simple, it is among my favorites by Pink Floyd.

An incredibly moving interpretation of what life was like during the Blitz and a potent anti-war message.

9 In the Flesh

It is higher in my opinion that is why I voted.

Great lyrics and guitar. Roger Waters voice is slightly better on this than on in the flesh? When he says to feel it has a slight rasp that gives me goosebumps. Obviously David had a technically better voice but Roger Waters voice is very unique and really suits the wall.

Hey You is best, than Comfortably Numb- but this song is underrated. This is the follow up to In The Flesh? And is much greater. They both have the same stellar riff, but it get's really high pitched here. Unbelievable.

A dramatic and intense reprise of the opening tune.

10 The Happiest Days of Our Lives

A great run up to the albums single. It also has some great moments in it.

Better than Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2

I know this is everyones favorite Pink Floyd album but I wasn't in to many songs but this begin another brick in the wall and the video of this album sucked :-(

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11 Empty Spaces

"Empty Spaces" is the darkest and most sinister piece on the entire album and the words highlight every suspenseful chord and serious nature of the track; The rising build and crescendo is matched only by the dark atmosphere that equally matches the suspense of the piece. It is my second-favorite track on the entire masterpiece, second only to the "Another Brick in the Wall" tracks for the feel and emotion reflected by these lyrics running in synchronization with the very powerful melody of the piece itself.

A dark and foreboding sense to it. A short but scary song which goes very nicely alongside young lust.

Both this part of the movie and the song are really good. It just sounds so foreboding!

This, comfortably numb, the trial!

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12 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3

This song is the ultimate strikeback

Very loud and aggressive lyrics and vocals from Waters. Great.

Another brick in the wall 1,2,3

13 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1

Better than Part 2 - OmegaRanker

Great guitar riff and the delay fits perfectly, the deep lyrics can easily make you feel Waters' childhood through flashbacks

An underrated (I think) interpretation of Water's childhood.

Such a focused jam.

14 One of My Turns

Best song in the album, so deep and the change of speed and tone is killer

Great introduction and pacing and transitions. I love the descriptive lyrics and well played instrumentals. Overlooked and under-rated one of the best on the album in my opinion.

A song that literal turns from being something very tame and passive to an explosion of aggression. Just like one of my turns.

Great song with an awesome transition from somber to aggressive, should be higher.

15 Nobody Home

Amazingly emotional song from Roger Waters. Even David Gilmour said it's one of his favourites from the album

This song is amazing, I love the Piano in this song; maybe it's not too "rocker" like Comfortably Numb or Hey You, but the Lyrics of Nobody Home are AMAZING, it had a huge meaning, it's wonderful.

"Got 13 channels of s*** on T.V. to choose from"
"I've got amazing powers of observation"
"I've got a strong urge to fly, but I've got nowhere to fly to"

It's lines like this that make this album so great. - Lasvegasxavier

Beautifully miserable. Sums up the point of most of the album.

16 Waiting for the Worms

Would you like to see... Our coloured cousins... Home again, my friend?

All you need to do is follow the worms. - MaxPap

Has some important themes and a very nice mix of vocals from Gilmour and Waters. Also some very good character interpretation

Should be in the top 5... One of the sickest guitar riffs ever.

Way too underrated

17 In the Flesh? - Pink Floyd

I was going to vote comfortably numb but when I saw in the flesh? At 18, I was like what is wrong with you people. From the soft beginning til the plain crash, this is one of the best pink Floyd songs ever. I am also surprised that In the Flesh 2 is so far ahead when this one is much more famous and the fact that the other is racist.

There's two songs on this album with same title this is the intro song and one of the best of the album - christangrant

19? Really? This deserves much better than 19... - Metarock

This should be higher. - PanagosBoi

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18 The Thin Ice

I was literally scrolling down and down, wondering why this song isn't way above where it is. The quiet but sad beginning is great. It sets the mood for the whole album and that's what's so nice about this one.

This songs deserves to be way higher on the list. I love the transaction from Gilmour's soft voice to Roger's high pitched voice and then the instrumental explosion that follows and segues into Another Brick in the Wall pt. 1. The lyrics are great, Rick's playing during the singing is great and Dave's playing is great as well.

The song should be higher on this list. A change of attitude half way through the song makes it a fantastic one.

Love this song it's so underrated it should be around 10 on this list

19 Is There Anybody Out There?

Basic lyrics put into a moody and atmospheric place, with some elegant guitar work. Also reprised very well in bring the boys back home.

The guitar solo is probably one of my favorites ever.

The guitar work here is beautiful - this should be in the top 10 - libbylangham

How is this not higher? This song brings so much to the table and is on par woth Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin

20 Don't Leave Me Now

How can this song be this low?! It is the sound of someone calling out for help and the last moments of sanity. Brilliant!

I feel like this song should be way higher. Top 10 material in my opinion. - MontyPython

The hit is brilliant. You have to be patient it enjoy this song.

In my opinion, the worst of the album. The vocals are interesting but the song lacks musical depth.

21 Stop

Short but sharp. Wright's piano work stands out here.

Wasn't Wright kicked out of the band when they recorded this album? - MaxPap

Only 39 seconds but still good

Great for be a 30 seconds song

It's 30 seconds, not 39. My list would go like this:
1. Comfortably Numb
2. Another Brick in the Wall (Pt.2)
3. Hey You
4. Run Like Hell
5. In the Flesh
6. Mother
7. The Trial
8. One of My Turns
9. Waiting For the Worms
10. Goodbye Blue Sky

22 The Show Must Go On

But this isn't from the Wall, it's from Innuendo!

I'm just joking.

That doesn't make sense. Queen has a song with the same title. I know they didn't write it first, but I'm a little confused...

Should be rated higher on this list. The vocals are lovely but it is overshadowed by Comfortably Numb

It is a Queen song title but Pink Floyd made this song first. - malamJONES

23 What Shall We Do Now?

This is the real and better version of empty spaces

This song is stunning in the movie with Gerald Scarfe's animation. - MaxPap

Not in the Studio version but in the movie.

Why is this underrated

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24 Goodbye Cruel World

A chilling yet satisfying goodbye to ordinary social life for pink.

It's powerful. I want to pick a knife and put it in my head every time I listen to it ;-;. Goodbye

I agree with this song it doesn't talk about the word being cruel but the title is right the world is bad evil people and stuff but thank god that the usa is a safe place Canada Australia england and more but I'm talk n about North Korea Syria and Iraq

25 Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd

Great song but it's not on the album

This is such an amazing and techinical song and I think it’s in the top 3 songs on DSOTM

26 Bring the Boys Back Home

One of Mason's best moments on the album and another good anti war message.

The drums rock so hard on this, and the effects at the end are brilliantly layered.

Just bring boys from war to their country

Why does this song fucking exist? The sound effects are the best part, and that's a bad sign for a Floyd song. - Wikkler

27 Outside the Wall

Really I think this should be Higher. It really is the perfect song too End of an album. I just wish it was a bit longer.

A tear-jerking and warming end to a tragic story.

Perfect and silent ending to an awesome album.

Isn't this where... - MaxPap

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28 Vera

The simplicity of the song as well as the vocals make it a great song!

Better than outside the wall

A simple anti-war message that harks back to other generations

29 When the Tigers Broke Free

Not on the album. - MrKite

I know it isn't on the album, but in the movie looks fantastic. Should be on the list


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