Best Songs From Queen's Greatest Hits I

The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody

You could have probably guessed this was going to be number one... But it's simply the greatest song of all time. Written by the genius of the name Freddie Mercury. 6 minutes of pure ecstasy.

2 You're My Best Friend

Written by our beloved Deaky for his wife. Everyone knows it-- and it well deserves the popularity!

3 Don't Stop Me Now

Penned by Freddie, this is one of the greatest because it will make you literally make you fly.

4 Killer Queen

Another masterpiece by Mr. Mercury. Very catchy and fun. Truly a great song in a way that is unexplainable!

5 Somebody to Love

By our dear Freddie yet again. Another song that will leave you speechless!

6 Bicycle Race

Freddie again...
If it's Tuesday at ten o clock, we go out and BICYCLE... If its Thursday at midnight, we go out and BICYCLE. The list can go on!

7 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

By Freddie, this is actually one of my favorite Queen songs ever! I cried when it ended the first time I heard it. (it's a joke, no worries. )

8 Another One Bites the Dust

Yay! Deaky wrote this one, an amazing one it is! Truly unforgettable! Especially the bass line.

9 Seven Seas of Rhye

Freddie wrote this one, too. And if you hear it and your mind is not blown, I shall ask you, how is this possible?!

10 Fat Bottomed Girls

Last of the top ten, but certainly not least, we have a Brian song! (Cheers) Another very well known song that is fantastic! This song makes the rocking world go round!

The Contenders

11 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
12 We Will Rock You
13 We Are the Champions
14 Play the Game
15 Save Me
16 Flash's Theme
17 Now I'm Here
18 Spread Your Wings
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