Best Songs From Queen's Hot Space

Vote For Your Favourite Queen Song from the DISCO Album Hot Space. You can add the song Body Language If you are a member.

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1 Under Pressure

It just makes sense


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2 Back Chat

Hot Space includes some of their greats! But Back Chat is my all-time fave! What a great funk groove!

My order would have to put this at number 1, followed by:

Body Language (that BASS IS AWESOME)
Calling All Girls
Cool Cat
Action This Day
Staying Power
Put Out the Fire

And the rest... These are my favorites. Deacy did great with this one, though!

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3 Put Out the Fire UListen to Sample
4 Las Palabras de Amor

Without a doubt 1 of the greatest love songs Queen wrote :). And it was number 1 in South America

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5 Life is Real (Song for Lennon)

Such a great tribute to John Lennon! - kaitlynrad11

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6 Staying Power UListen to Sample
7 Dancer UListen to Sample
8 Calling All Girls

I thought it would be different from the title, but I was surprised. I LOVE this song! Very inspiring. Take the message.

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9 Action This Day

although I appreciate what queen were trying to do on this album, they couldn't drop their guard and threw in a little rock funk mix to wet the appetite, great song

My very favorite song next to Seaside Rendezvous! I mean, I love every song they have, but these are my favorites!

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10 Body Language

This songs deserves it's praise

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The Contenders

11 Cool Cat

Amazing song. the best in its genre!

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12 Soul Brother UListen to Sample
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1. Dancer
2. Put Out the Fire
3. Staying Power
1. Under Pressure
2. Life is Real (Song for Lennon)
3. Staying Power
1. Under Pressure
2. Put Out the Fire
3. Dancer

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