Best Songs From Queen's Innuendo

Best Queen Songs from Innuendo. You can add songs missing from the album.

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1 The Show Must Go On

this defined music for me especially queen, if there was any doubt about their atmosphere creating sound, this nailed it spot on one of the greatest songs ever made without a doubt!

I don't wanna be predictable, but however, this song became a gate to the whole universe of the music - not only Queen music, but the whole world of sound!

greatest queen song ever man!

Slowly dying of Aids, still sang his heart out.

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2 Innuendo

The best song on the album by any means. Althought it gets over shadowed by The Show Must go on. A great master of art. Love the song

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of a masterpiece that NEEDS to reach top spot

This is good in every way. There is simply no way to describe how awesome it is! - Userguy44

Better than BOHEMIAN RAPHSODY in my opinion!

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3 These are the Days of Our Lives

"I still love you" - I am always crying in the end of this song, when the broken Freddie said this to the camera. Heartbreaking.

So beautiful and amazing. And the guitar solo is one of my favourite guitar solos of all time.

This song is Freddie Mercurys goodbye song - gleek1233

4 I'm Going Slightly Mad

Freddie's voice in this song is awesome. - SammySpore

I'm going slightly mad
I'm going Slight-ly mad
It finally happened, happened
It finally happened
Whoa whoa
It finally happened
I'm slightly MAD

5 Headlong
6 The Hitman

How could this possibly be last on the list? Have people not heard the damn thing? - dubsinthetubs

7 I Can't Live with You
8 Don't Try So Hard
9 Bijou
10 Ride the Wild Wind

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11 All God's People
12 Delilah

What should be top 10 - queeniifan

A song about Freddie’s cat. Should be Number One!

I listened to the sample, since I never heard it before. Love it. Dee-lie-luh. I love it. CLICK THAT

> Listen to sample


13 Lost Opportunity
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1. The Show Must Go On
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1. The Show Must Go On
2. The Hitman
3. Innuendo
1. The Hitman
2. Headlong
3. I Can't Live with You

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