Best Songs From Queen's The Works

Vote for your Favourite Queen song from the 1984 album.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Queen's The Works

1 Radio Ga Ga

Best by a gazillion glory miles!

2 Hammer to Fall
3 I Want to Break Free

I used to like Radio Ga Ga better, but this is truly a masterpiece - OmegaRanker

Better than Radio Ga Ga

Freddie mercurys voice is grade A quality
RIP freddie
Best music video too
Queen lives on

4 It's a Hard Life

Though I prefer in most cases non-greatest-hits songs off the albums, this one's the exception! It's truly one of the best Mercury ballad with perfect performance and great lyrics! Leoncavallo's intro just makes it more interesting!

5 Tear It Up

this song just gets you started for the rest of this amazing album what more can I say than that, just pure awesome

6 Machines (Back to Humans)
7 Is This the World We Created
8 Keep Passing the Open Windows
9 Man on the Prowl
10 I Go Crazy

The Contenders

11 Thank God It's Christmas
12 Little Boogie
13 Love Kills
14 Let Me In Your Heart Again
15 Back to Storm
16 I Dream of Christmas
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