Best Songs From Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf

Released in 2002 Songs for the Deaf was Queens of the Stone Age's biggest selling album. Many rock anthems came from this album and it is the face of the Stoner Rock genre.

The Top Ten

1 No One Knows
2 Song for the Dead

Dave's drumming is insane on this track! It'a pretty amazing jam. Mark's vocals are pretty epic too.

Dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo

3 Go with the Flow

This song is EPIC (not in a lame MUSE way) yet so fast paced in simple. It really has a cool feel to it.

4 Song for the Deaf
5 Mosquito Song

This song just takes you in and doesn't let you go for almost 6 minutes. It's slow for QOTSA but it's amazing all the same. Under rated to say the least.

6 God Is On the Radio
7 First It Giveth
8 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
9 Another Love Song
10 The Sky Is Fallin'

The Contenders

11 Hanging Tree
12 Six Shooter
13 Do It Again
14 Gonna Leave You
15 Bloody Hammer
16 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

Better than bloody hammer - gardeningtoolpetrol

17 The Real Song for the Deaf
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