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1 How to Disappear Completely How to Disappear Completely

1. How to Disappear Completely
2. Everything in It's Right Place
3. Idioteque
4. The National Anthem
5. Optimistic
6. Morning Bell
7. Morning Picture Soundtrack
8. Kid A
9. In Limbo
10. Treefingers

probably the best album I have heard in all my life - Pato_cargo

Such a haunting track, absolutely perfect!

What's not to like about this ghostly song? It's absolutely incredible, sad, and absolutely beautiful. I love the ending; this song is auspicious and worth it's long duration!

This song is so emotional and ends on such a great note.

2 Idioteque Idioteque

It grows on you

I seriously don't get why so many people think this song is SO great. I see it on countless top 10 lists, many of them having it at the top. Why? Maybe it's because I'm a more rock oriented person, but this track is just meh to me. It goes on WAY too long and the drum beat is extremely repetitive, just like a lot of the other songs on this album. I'm certain I will get hate for this statement, but this opinion has been trapped inside of me for too long.

As good as this song is, the "live in oxford" version on I might be wrong blows it out of the water!

Why do I like this song? Simple answer: the beats, the tune and Thom's rapping. This song may drag on a bit and seem dull, but it is still a great track and a good addition to the album.

3 Everything in Its Right Place Everything in Its Right Place

Obviously. This song's opening is probably the best after In Limbo, and Thom's odd, creepy but amazing vocals match perfectly to make this song an opener to the album. And it's ending; pure bliss!

Probably Radiohead's second best song. Even though I am a huge Radiohead fan I think that the singles can be some of the best songs. No Surprises is my favorite by the way

Best song of all time!

This is my favorite Radiohead song by far

4 Optimistic

The best you can is good enough.

Awesome song that seems impossible to dislike! The catchy rhythmic guitar and the tribal drums along with Yorke's vocals; this song rocks!

I'm always wondering is this song ironic or really optimistic - all in all nice guitar piece off the album dominated by electronic elements.

This ones optimistic, love it

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5 The National Anthem

Very good Experimentation with Jazz. - DarkBoi-X

The best on the album without a doubt.

I can't get enough of this song: The devilish bass, the perfect drums, the haunting background, the epic trumpets, thom's glassy vocals etc. A must hear for everyone, this is an amazing song!

When the Brass comes in it's just so groovy, excellent song

6 Motion Picture Soundtrack

This one is very serene, but kind of haunting too with the organ and the demented lyric "I will see you in the next life! " It's a very nice track, but eerie, and drags on to 7 minutes when it's only 3 plus a weird, random orchestra that approaches midway, that ends the song.

Hauntingly beautiful requiem with a magical closing sequence. The funereal pipe organ, the beautiful, flickering harps, and the lyrics.

Kid A(song) is NOT better than this.

This has got to be one of their best songs. If not one of their most beautiful.
From the organs to the harps and everything else.

7 Kid A

A melancholy, creepy track and the title-of-the-album-song. The beautiful piano, background and bass are amazing... But the voice and ending of that crying baby freak me out! Overall, it's a fine track.

8 In Limbo

Close your eyes and listen to this song, you feel like you're floating down a lazy river during the verse then flying through mountains during the chorus

Incredible, mind- blowing track from this amazing album. Starting off with a slow guitar, it picks up the beautiful rhythm so easily and randomly, and it maintains it throughout. Art!

A great rhythm and cool vocals

Oh man this one is so underrated, it's better than kid a and morning bell at least. it has a very psycedelic vibe to it, feels very alice in wonderland-ish to me

9 Morning Bell

Great song with melodic bass line and sweet vocals. - Helveycole

The eeriest song of the album; being about divorce. "Cut the kids in half", seriously? But this song has a soft, beautiful spot to it, and when you hear it all, you'll love it!

10 Treefingers

OK, some of you might be mad. This song is absolute bliss and eerieness in the beautiful way. But it's only that melancholy violin for 4 minutes, and you know, the others have more than that...

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11 Untitled

This and motion picture sound track are the most beautiful moments in radiohead's career. It ends so fast though. If only there was more. Oh well. - Slipperyjack40

You forgot untitled. I hate how fast it ends because it's so beautiful.

I wouldn't consider this a song on its own, but if it was, that would make me pretty happy.

I love how this song is a small ending to a much bigger album

12 Creep
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1. Motion Picture Soundtrack
2. How to Disappear Completely
3. Everything in Its Right Place
1. Everything in Its Right Place
2. The National Anthem
3. Idioteque
1. How to Disappear Completely
2. The National Anthem
3. Optimistic

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