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1 Reckoner

Oh, this song gives me shivers! I can never get tired of it, those snares, that beautiful guitar and Thom's haunting falsetto. A haunting masterpiece!

Indescribable shivers the first time I heard it. Wish I could go back to that moment.

Everything in its right place

1- Reckoner
2- All I Need
3- Jigsaw Falling Into Place
4- House Of Cards
5- Nude
6- Bodysnatchers
7- 15 Steps
8- Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
9- Videotape
10- Faust Arp

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2 Nude

A wonderful, serene and dejected song. Yorke outdoes himself (psyche, he can never) in this one with his majestic falsetto, and the ending of this one is the 2nd best, of course, after the masterly "All I Need".

It's just a masterpiece. I hope that's enough for you

Best and greatest radiohead song

I have always loved this song. It may have 2 mins of 'Oohing' but it is hauntingly beautiful and beautifully haunting.

3 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

This song is pure brilliance. Much more complex than most songs on In Rainbows. I love how it starts out with a fast paced drumbeat (that reminds me of Pendulum), then the beautiful hypnotic guitar comes in. The lyrics are so interesting. The best song from In Rainbows. No contest! - Slipperyjack40

An epic tune, with beats that always remind me of the powerpuff girls intro (laugh out loud). An auspicious guitar and bass, this song is wonderful and has a great ending.

This is the best radiohead song of all time how could you rank it so low

1. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
2. Bodysnatchers
3. 15 Step
4. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
5. Nude
6. Reckoner
7. Faust Arp
8. Videotape
9. House of Cards
10. All I Need

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4 Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Picks up the album after a long 20 minutes of underwhelming, but still beautiful, music. A much needed change of pace, and the best song on the album.

An incredible song, which shows the versatility of the group to create music

An amazing track, one of my favourites.

Certainly a change of pace, yet this song is much more than that. It symbolises adventure and destiny.

- Jigsaw
- Nude
- Bodysnatchers
- All I need
- House of Cards
- Reckoner
- Weird Fishes
- Faust Arp
- 15 Step
- Videotape

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5 All I Need

No surprises, this song is probably the best Radiohead has ever made. Just listen to the chorus, and that oh-god beautiful ending!


6 Bodysnatchers

This is my second favorite after Reckoner. Probably due to the guitar

A hot guitar with overall wonderful appeal.


7 15 Step

Such an awesome tune and such great beats and bass and, everything else is marvellous! Just the fact that this was played in twilight bugs me.

Yeah! This song rocks! I didn't listen to the previous songs but this one should be the first... Radiohead!

This song is woefully underrated. Literally so good

I don´┐Ż't like any othe r song on the album but this one

8 Videotape

This should be so much higher. I'd put it at 2 after Reckoner.

#8 what this should be a contender with reckoner for #1

Absolutely mind-blowing track. So peaceful and sad, and such intelligent drum-work from Selway at the end. Superb!

1. Videotape
2. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
3. Reckoner
4. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
5. Nude
6. House of Cards
7. 15 Step
8. Bodysnatchers
9. All I Need
20. Faust Arp - chevygolderado

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9 House of Cards

Beautiful single from the album, and particularly haunting no doubt.

10 Faust Arp

The most underrated Radiohead song in my opinion

I never really liked this song. The album is perfect without this one.

Most beautiful moment on the album in my humble opinion.

One of the best

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11 4 Minute Warning
12 Last Flowers
13 Go Slowly

I'll be waiting...patient...patient

14 Down is the New Up
15 Bangers & Mash
16 MK 2
17 MK 1
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