Best Songs On Red Hot Chili Pepper's By the Way

Which do you think is the best from this great album? Kicheya!

The Top Ten

1 Can't Stop

Such a good song. I can't stop listening to it!

Best wrapping ever! Can't Stop listening.

I LOVE THIS SONG, though it’s slightly overrated, it makes the better cut

2 Dosed

It's just a calm song. I love it so much that I had it push off On Mercury & Minor Thing. It'll always be an amazing 5 minutes.

3 Venice Queen
4 By the Way
5 The Zephyr Song

This is one of the greatest love songs of all time. It take hours of other music to get it out of my head!

6 Cabron

Such a great ballad. I love it so much. The Chilies are so good at these kinds of songs.

7 Tear

One of my favorites. The piano is perfect. The vocals a great. The drums are a good addition. And guitar! There's a solo, nor really on guitar, I'm not sure what it is, and a trumpet solo, too, which add so much. The main stricter is the piano, lead vocals and harmonies, which are incredible! The chorus is one of my favorites ever!

8 Don't Forget Me


9 On Mercury

In my opinion, the best song off the album

10 This is the Place

This is your calling
Listen to this song
This is a song to come away with
This song will save the day for you
In every way

I can't describe it- Just give it a listen. And the rest of the album.

The Contenders

11 Throw Away Your Television

Oy oy oy! This is so good! - Userguy44

It's a repeat. But unlike T.V. , it will never get old. I actually do like T.V. , but this melody can't be ignored. Catchy as heck.

12 Universally Speaking

Best. RHCP song. Ever! (Besides maybe Under the Bridge) How can:
Come on baby that's no name
I won't go till I got what I came for
Universally Speaking I
Take it back and you make me nervous
Nothing better than love and service
Universally speaking I
Win in the long run.

Be denied?

13 I Could Die For You

This is the meaning of romantic and powerful. They give it there all on this powerhouse.

14 Minor Thing

The best guitar solo and only Venice queen gets near it

15 Midnight

What Not in the Top 10? Best song on By The Way.

16 Warm Tape
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1. Can't Stop
2. By the Way
3. Don't Forget Me
1. Can't Stop
2. By the Way
3. The Zephyr Song
1. Can't Stop
2. Universally Speaking
3. By the Way

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