Best Songs On Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication


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1 Otherside

This is my favorite

best chill

ПI gotta take it on the otherside.🎶

2 Californication

In my opinion, this is my favorite song on the album!

Masterpiece! Enough said...

RHCP back at it again with another amazing song and quite honestly, my favorite, even Flea says this was the best song he's ever written!

The best song of this album and of RHCP - Tomasbbrito

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3 Scar Tissue

This song in my opinion should have been #1; scar tissue is my favorite #rhcp song!

Just the lyrics and the tone of this masterpiece is all I'll say

It's got my vote amazing song. - OasisFeelsLove

4 Parallel Universe

This song deserves to be higher. Much higher. - Songsta41

The frusciante's solo is one of the most iconic. peppers so much love

5 Around the World

By a mile the best song on this album. The bass and final harmonies make this song. - mswainyy

I'm the only one who thinks the end looks like it's Hangar 18 from megadeth.
ok, I'm the only one

6 Road Trippin'

Probably my 2nd or 3rd off this album (behind Otherside and Scar Tissue) - mtndewlord

7 Easily

Easily my favorite song from them, along with the song Californication and Under The Bridge.

8 This Velvet Glove

Just amazing. The beautiful lead guitar by Frusciante, the wonderful hard rock sound in the chorus, just everything is amazing about this song.

This has a awesome bass lead. This album is rated a 10/10 to me

This should be at least at top 5.. Come on people

Second favorite RHCP song just after warped

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9 Get On Top

This song is one of the most underrated songs in the history of music. Vocals:catchy. Bass: alive. Guitar: genius. Drums: Pulsing. An Overall Rating: BEST SONG!

10 Emit Remmus

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11 Purple Stain

One of the best Californication songs, ending especially?

Sex anthem

12 Savior

Piercing verses and calm choruses = good

Epic intro with soaring vocals - Harleyboats

Pretty good

13 Porcelain

The most chill thing ever. - mtndewlord

14 I Like Dirt
15 Right On Time

This song is amazing live

Awesome bass in it - Userguy44

16 Quixoticelixer
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