Pony Reviews #3 Calfornication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I got this album a few days ago at Walmart, along with a copy of "We Are Not Alone" by Breaking Benjamin, and "The Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my favorite bands of all time, but will this album impress me? Let's find out on my third album review so far!!!!

Around The World- 9/10 This is a good track to start with. The vocals and guitars, and everything else is so crazy, it's very easy to enjoy. One thing that I love about RHCP songs is that they often have nonsensical lyrics, and this song has that. Overall, a very enjoyable song.

Parallel Universe- 8.5/10 Another good track. The lyrics are a little bit more complex than "Around The World", but you kind of have to get used to the vocal. Not much to say about this track, but it's one of the best tracks off the album.

Scar Tissue- 8/10 This track is extremely mellow. The guitar riff is one of my favorite riffs from John Frusciante, actually. I was hoping that there will be a big guitar solo at the end, but that would defeat the purpose of the track. Still, this is a great track.

Otherside-7.5/10 I like Scar Tissue a little better, but this song is just as mellow. The guitar riff on this one is less complex, and the vocals are soft. However, the overall feel of this track is very similar to Scar Tissue.

Get On Top- 7/10 Not much to say about here either. The song is like the " Get It Away" of the album; in fact they have the same funk- punk groove to them. It's just your average RHCP song.

Calfornication-10/10 Holy crap I love this song!!! This has the best riff on the album, excellent vocal work by Anthony Kiedis, and it's one of those songs that is just plain awesome. The music video I weird, though. Bonus fact about the song: This song mentions unicorns!

Easily: 8.75/10 What is the next song after Californication? This gem, of course. I really like this track, because it's just a joy to listen to. It's not the best track on the album, but the guitars are pretty sweet. For the song that follows after my favorite song off the album, it does a pretty good job keeping me satisfied.

Porcelain- 8/10 I swear to Celestia that this song sounds electronic. It's very unique for the RHCP, who are unique themselves, and for a ROCK BAND (A FUNK-PUNK BAND, mind you) to sound like Aphex Twin says a lot. It's short, but sweet. Overall, very unique.

Emittremus-6/10 I have mixed feelings about this track. Everything else is fine, but the guitars on this sounds like frikkin' nails on a chalkboard. Sorry John Frusciante, but everyone has a dud, and this is yours.

I Like Dirt-8/10 The title sounds humorous, but the guitars here are much better here than Emittremus. It's one of those songs that just screams out RHCP- craziness, yet enjoyable. Overall, a decent song.

This Velvet Glove- 8.5/10 One of the better tracks on the album. It surprises you with some vocal harmony, blasting drums, and a nice riff. This song will surprise you, but it is one hell of an underrated track.

Savior- 7.5/10 Another okay song. I don't have much to say about this album, except the vocals stand out. The ending is nice though, and it's not one of the worst tracks but it's pretty underrated.

Purple Stain- 9/10 For some reason, the title reminds me of that scene in that awful Cat In The Hat movie where Alec Baldwin gets covered in purple goo (don't ask).Anyway, this a funky song, and it's my 4th favorite song of the album.

Right On Time- 8.5/10 Sound a td electronic, but it reminds me of disco. Like Purple Stain, it is very funky, and the vocals go so fast that it makes my head spin. It is the shortest album in the album, clocking in about 90 seconds.

Road Trippin'- 9.5 A good ol' song about the road. This is one of the best songs off the album, and it even has some violins in it. A great end to a great album.

Overall Score- 8.25/10
This is a good album. It does have some very groovy songs, amazing songs, and one dud. It's just you average RHCP song.

Final Verdict: Satisfied!