Best Songs On Rihanna's Talk That Talk


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1 We Found Love

Best song ever, I can heard this song for all time, rihanna fans must listen it, uh actually it says about break of her with chris brown

2 Where Have You Been
3 Talk that Talk

This was the best music I've ever heard in my life I was expecting it first. please Rihanna call me after reading this message my no is 09 48 43 46 43 I'm Iman please call me I love you

4 Roc Me Out

Roc that beat! Rihanna makes bruce springsteen look like an amateur with this song! Wonderfool!

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5 We All Want Love
6 You Da One

How "we found love" at number one?
This song is just overrated. In the other hand, You the One is underrated and great. Those songs need to switch places

You the one RiRi

7 Cockiness (Love It)

This music enjoy me well. It was so funny wiz a great sound. Iman

8 Farewell

I love this song sooo... much n your voice is really nice. you're the best forever. I lav u

9 Drunk On Love

Great song! Sorry, I'm French son I don't speak English or américain vert well

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10 Do Ya Thang

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11 Watch n' Learn
12 Fool In Love
13 Birthday Cake

This song is overrated. The other ones are great.

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14 Red Lipstick

Oh RiRi how could this happen? It was a really nice song. I'm Iman think u remember me

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1. Roc Me Out
2. Farewell
3. Talk that Talk
1. Drunk On Love
2. Roc Me Out
3. We All Want Love
1. We Found Love
2. You Da One
3. We All Want Love

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