Best Songs From Rise Against's Endgame

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1 Make It Stop (September's Children)

The whole Endgame album is amazing, one of their best. But, this song is amazing by far, and so deep. Tyler, Seth, Raymond, everyone from September 2010, you will not be forgotten.

The song is really deep, and the bass has interesting sound. The drums keep a steady beat throughout the song whilst a moderate guitar compliments the intense meaning of the vocals.

It is a very interesting song with lyrics that have an unexpected meaning from this band. The music itself has a good beat and guitar rifts (poor music vocabulary)

This song is very unexpected from this band, but it's very meaningful and one of the best songs from the album

2 Satellite

Catchy and amazing! favorite song on the album so far.

Satellite is 100/10. Help Is On The Way is 100/10. Make It Stop is 100/10 Even the sound of your finger moving across the box in which Endgame is contained gets 100/10. This is my favorite - Ikura

We'll sneak out while they sleep
And sail off into the night
We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives
Out of sight, out of mind
It's not too late
We have the rest of our lives

3 Help is on the Way

WTF?! They're all good songs, but this song is just a heartbreaker. Make it stop should be no. 4 tho.

Better than the best (Make It Stop and Sattelitte) THAT TELLS ENOUGH

4 Architects

Why is it only on place 7? This song is so amazing. Just listen to the lyrics and you have to love it I'm really into this song and I simply love it so much! Should be top5...

5 Endgame

By far my favorite song from any RA album to date. I feel it embodies what the album endgame is about, and leaves the listener with a sense of hope. - abcrgb

6 This Is Letting Go

By far the best song on Endgame- good lyrics, sung well, and great guitar work at the beginning and after chorus 1.

Best song from this album, definitely one of my favourites from this band. Lyrics are just great and the chorus sounds really good.

In my opinion this song is in another level in relation to the other songs in the album

7 Survivor Guilt

Not only this is a great song about sacrifice, but the quote from Catch 22 in the beginning remains one of the deepest quote I have ever heard

It sounds like a song that would come from one their older albums

8 Disparity by Design

Once you learn the lyrics, great song to sing to! Definitely doesn't deserve to be way down in last! But it's such a good album overall! - jbbhammy

9 Broken Mirrors

This song is a sign of RA reverting back to their older styles such as prayer of the refugee while mixed with the newer style that makes Satellite such a great song... very surprised its this far down the list.

Wow, by far the best song of the album. Seems like that's just my opinion.

Definitely NOT THE WORST. Not the best, but I'm voting to get it higher.

10 Midnight Hands

Awesome song, has everything; Metal guitar riffs, epic voice, screaming, sick background singin, and a hell of emotion!

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11 Lanterns
12 Wait for Me
13 A Gentlemen's Coup

Like the pace of the song

How is it not in top 5

It's an awesome track... I love this song
Rise Against rocks

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