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1 Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

Definitely best song on this album

I believe this to be the greatest song that has ever been written in all of human history. The epic riff, the thundering complex drums, Dave's death defying vocals, the complex bass part, it's all amazingly perfect. No other music anywhere even comes close to this, not David Bowie, Elvis Presley, or even the Beatles have written a better song than this. It hits me on an emotional level whenever I listen to it, its just that good.

This is definitely the best song I've ever heard in my life... There's nothing more to say, trust me.

This track has riffs for days, memorable Friedman solos (including the acoustic interlude) and an all around solid rhythm, culminating in one of mustaine's most climactic and energizing solos.

2 Tornado of Souls Tornado of Souls

Definitely best Megadeth song

1 tornado of souls
2 five magics
3 holy wars
4 hangar 18
5 Lucrecia
6 rust in peace
7 take no prisioners
8 poison was the cure
9 dawn patrol

so epic

Tornado of souls was the first megadeth song that really grabbed me with it's riff main riff, Dave's voice goes really high pitched (which is my favorite thing about his voice) during the whole song, and of course there's Marty's solo about half way through, absolutely beautiful, and to top it all off the lyrics disguise it as a song about killing people and yet it's a breakup song, utter perfection

Song brings back so may memories, solo is still the greatest and most memorable heard. The rest of the song is very strong too but the solo just blows you away.

3 Hangar 18 Hangar 18

Even it's not the most epic song ever of Megadeth, it's the best!

Peace Sells was the first Megadeth track that really attracted my attention but Hangar 18 was the first track I heard. played on repeat and drew me to exploring everything Megadeth had to offer. I always thought Dave Mustaine was an irritant but he's also grown on me, although perhaps not as much as his music.

Every single song in this album is a masterpiece but Hangar 18 wins. - Slashhead

Best song with holy wars and tornado of souls... Rust in peace-the best album of all time

4 Rust in Peace... Polaris

Just listen to the first 12 seconds and then click vote

Had tough time to choose between this and Holy wars, but I give it to this. Just an amazing song.

Prefect closure for one of the best metal albums of all time.

I love the drum intro, Smooth, fast, and hard-hitting.

5 Five Magics

The intro is like the calm before the storm, deceiving and yet so haunting. Then the chorus comes and slaps you in the face. Amazing song overall! - KMalik993

This masterpiece is easily an all-out amazing track. I actually think that this song is everything that Megadeth is. Although not as known as other tracks, it's identified as Megadeth's Dark Horse and symbol.

Easily the best Megadeth song. The intro is amazing!

Vote for this song and you'll be able to master the five magics

6 Take No Prisoners

Fast and energetic. The riffs are brilliant. This song in my opinion is very underrated, the best on Rust In Peace.

7 Lucretia

This song has one of the most epic solos, Tornado of souls still has the best solo ever but this song is so powerful and heavy and then the solo just finishes it off so well.

The intro is intense. Marty Friedman did most of the guitar work on this album - Sabbath

I think Lucretia should be in 4th place because the solo and chorus goes perfect with the drums - JCchrom3

This should be the 4th best on the album the solo and drums go so smooth together

8 Poison Was the Cure

How is this below Five Magics and Rust in Peace? Great songs but not as virtuosic and as catchy as this one. For me:
1.Holy wars
2.Hanger 18
3.Tornado of souls
4. Poison was the cure
6.Rust in peace
7.Five magics
8.Dawn patrol
9.My creation

I think this list is basically perfectly ranked except for this song; it's better than Take No Prisoners in my opinion, and it should be 7th. TNP is still great and should be 8th though. Every song on this album is amazing though.

The solo's nuts - KoSTheKing

Like the other guy said: "heaviest song Megadeth has ever done. Very intense". Not only is this one of Megadeth's most fast-paced songs, but I'd venture to say it's one of the most badass, intense songs I've ever heard. Even the lyrics are catchy: "I miss the warm embrace I felt the first time you touched me, secure and safe in open arms I should've known you'd crush me". This is a rare case for me but I knew I'd be grow to love this song the first time that I heard it.

9 Dawn Patrol

The bass-line is the best existing on earth! how can this song be behind... any other exept Hangar 18, holy wars and Tornado of souls? Who made this list..?

I'll vote for this because it's so groovy, and no one has voted for it. I love the bass riff that goes over and over, looping over Mustaine's voice. This along with Five Magics.

I agree with the other guy. It is groovy and is pretty good. The Problem with RIP is that ALL SONGS ARE BEST. So you really can't vote for a 'best'. Just my personal opinion though

Very heavy. Should have made it longer and included guitars later on.

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10 My Creation

Its amazing, just not as good as the others - GuyInANateGrinder

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1. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
2. Hangar 18
3. Tornado of Souls
1. Tornado of Souls
2. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
3. Rust in Peace... Polaris
1. Tornado of Souls
2. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
3. Hangar 18

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