Best Songs From the Script's #3


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1 Hall of Fame

My 28th favorite song by the script (they have 31)

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2 Six Degrees of Separation

For me this song is better than Hall of Fame. The lyrics are less cheesier and it talks about the stages someone goes through when they break up with their loved ones.

This song is AWESOME! It says it all. Danny's vocals are amazingly beautiful for his song!

Just so sad and true, but at the same time a catchy dance song- the best of the Script

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3 If You Could See Me Now

I utterly admire this song. When I first listened to it, it made me cry. I lost my parents when I was seven and I could totally relate to it. It's just amazing to be able to feel their pain and be able to relate in a way.

You can feel the bond he had with his dad, it's a very touching song, love it.

This song really touches my heart, The Script always make good music with very meaningful lyrics. Love the band more than anybody out there! :D

I love this song "if you could see me now! "

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4 Glowing
5 Broken Arrow

Everything about this song perfect. The lyrics, Mark's voice rapping, Danny's voice in the chorus, the beat, the instrumental, it is all just incredible. Makes me feel so many emotions at once. - krpm

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6 No Words

When you listen to this you realize that we are all people that can't describe the things that make us happiest, and yet he found a way to put it gracefully with the love, and appreciation unspoiled.

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7 Millionaires

This song makes me smile every time I hear it.. I love Dannys voice!

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8 Good Ol' Days

Good song! I just got the album and I'm listening to this song! Totally enjoy it! - courier28

Awesome nostalgic song. Makes you think back to the good 'ol days

9 Kaleidoscope

Wow. Just wow. There are no words to describe this song. Other than flawless. My whole life is dedicated to The Script and I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you Danny, Mark and Glen for the music, The Voice, the laughs, the crying, the fangirling, the follows and replies on Twitter that made my life... The list goes on and on. But most of all thank you for being there because without you, I don't know where I would be. WITH YOU, WITH YOU, OUR COLOURS COME ALIVE WHEN I COLLIDE WITH YOU! :'D

10 Hurricanes

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11 Moon Boots

I vote for this one since it needs more attention

This song is so amazing! I just love it, don�'t understand why this is not higher...
I think it�'s one of their best songs from this album!

12 Give the Love Around

Absolutely the worst song The Script has ever made.

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