Best Songs From Selena Gomez's A Year Without Rain


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1 A Year Without Rain

I think this is the best song of this album love you selena gomez and love this song I listen to it everyday nabeel

Best selena gomez song. The lyrics of the song are excellent. It provides both passion and entertainment. All should listen to the song. Or else will be loss.

This song is awesome! It's really a very golden song, which touches everyone's heart. The music is so divine and sweet. May Selena keep on writing many more songs like this!

No words

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2 Ghost of You

This should been a single

3 Rock God

My favourite song from her. The lyrics and beat are spot on, and I really love the edgy feel it has to it. Definitely something different for her but suits her perfectly. She should make more songs like this.

The beat and lyrics to this song is just so catchy and it's more an upbeat song compared to the others.

This should get 1,0000000000000 votes. PLEASE VOTE!

4 Intuition

Intuition is a legendary song. When I listen to it, it feels like I'm riding a race car; there's nothing but me and what I love. Vote for this song.

5 Off the Chain

Your love is off the chain means that the love is liberating in contrast to a ball and chain which is confining. When love is liberating it's without conditions, allowing room for growth- expression, freedom, mistakes, and forgiveness. True love has no limits.

I love this song so much and I can't stop listening to this song

Perfect Song To Listen

6 Round & Round

This song could make me go round and round I can be very dizzy and she has good voice you guys need to hear this song

7 Summer's Not Hot

I am not so happy that is in 7... Its a very good song... Just listen... And you wont vote for any other song...

8 Live Like There's No Tomorrow
9 Spotlight
10 Sick of You

I love this song. I don't like Selena but I like this one and "Who Says". Such a catchy song. This was my favorite song in kindergarten.

How is this the least popular song on the album? It's so catchy!

This is the best! People should have loved it!

People, please vote for this song.

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