Best Songs From Shirley Bassey's The Bond Collection


The Top Ten

1 Moonraker

My all-time favorite Bond song. Very melodious, deep and emotional - Irina2932

2 Diamonds Are Forever

Another brilliant Bond theme - one of my favorite Bond tracks - Irina2932

3 Thunderball

Just wonderful. Shirley and Tom Jones should have sung it together - Irina2932

4 All Time High

It was as great as Rita Coolidge's version - Irina2932

5 You Only Live Twice

Nancy Sinatra's versio was a bit better but Shirley made it look more powerful in terms of vocal - Irina2932

6 A View to a Kill

Shirley sang it very well. Great surprise - Irina2932

7 Nobody Does It Better

Call me crazy but I love this version much more than the one from Carly Simon - Irina2932

8 We Have All the Time In the World

Louis Armstrong sang it very well but Shirley made an amazing cover - Irina2932

9 Live and Let Die

Surprisingly great performance - almost as good as Paul McCartney's one - Irina2932

10 From Russia with Love

Amazing vocal and very powerful song - Irina2932

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