Best Songs From Skillet's Awake


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1 Awake and Alive

Awake and alive and hero are hard to pick between but I chose this one

This song really is a great song it's definitely christen.

Awesome song. I just love this song

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2 Monster

This song is excellent. Probably best song by Skillet overall. It's the song that got me into the band and the lyrics are very meaningful

Its in the same theme as three days grace " Animal I have become" and its awesome - RustyNail

This song is better than Awake And Alive, and all Skillet Songs!

The best song they have ever created

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3 Hero V 1 Comment
4 Lucy
5 Don't Wake Me

This Song Is Way Better Than, One Day to Late, Monster and Hero.

6 Would It Matter

Awake is such a brilliant album. Would It Matter is particularly a beautiful song, so gets my vote. - EvilAngel

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7 Never Surrender

Easily their best song ever - Icypole8204

8 Believe
9 Forgiven

Just meaningful everybody. It talks about how Jesus forgives our sins. Skillet is a Christian song you know

10 One Day Too Late

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11 It's Not Me It's You
12 Dead Inside V 1 Comment
13 Sometimes

I love this song. It got me through some really hard times

This song is incredibly underrated.

Great song shoul be at 4th or 5th place...

14 Should've When You Could've
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