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1 Comatose Comatose

It's my absolute favorite song by them! The lyrics really fit and the song is just beautiful! Definitely one of their best songs.

Best song in the whole album, no question. Who wouldn't vote for this song?

Comatose has perfect vocals and guitar riffs and is awesome. - LightningBlade

Absolutely the best song by Skillet.

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2 Whispers In the Dark Whispers In the Dark

My Christian friend played this song for me and taught me how to worship the Lord through music. My first Skillet song. This song will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This should be Rebirthing. Whispers in the Dark is in second then Better Than Drugs followed by Comatose and finally The Last Nigh

One of the best songs of SKILLET!

The chorus is breath-taking and so emotional. - LightningBlade

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3 Rebirthing Rebirthing

This song establishes the formula that Skillet has pursued ever since - it is always the closer at their live performances and captures the essential sound of Skillet (orchestral, guy/girl vocals, uplifting message, and shredding guitar).

By far my top 2 song! After The Last Night! I love everything about it! SKILLET ROCKS! No doubt about that

Skillet is the best band in the history of the universe. Rebirthing is my favorite skillet song ever!

The epic intro followed by deep meaningful lyrics... This is just awesome. - LightningBlade

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4 The Last Night The Last Night

My favourite song... Love it... Shoult be at no 3... Comatose should be at number 1.. Rebirthing at no 2... And last night at no 3... Whispers in the dark should be at no 4... Falling inside the black should be at no 5...
It is also my favourite album and l love skillet... You should listen all songs of skillet because all songs are very very good

This song probably has the best piano riffs by Korey. The song is beautiful one and those piano riffs transform into those hard rocking guitars. A beautiful song with meaningful lyrics. - LightningBlade

5 Better Than Drugs Better Than Drugs

I love this song so much! God is definitely better than drugs. You can always find comfort in Him

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6 Falling Inside the Black Falling Inside the Black

ALL SKILLET'S SONGS ARE JUST GREAT. But Falling In The Black is just fantastic overall. The lyrics is understanding and the beat is good too.

I wish they made a music video for this song. The chorus is great and the guitar riffs are awesome forever. I never get tired of this song no matter how many times I listen to it. - LightningBlade

7 Looking for Angels Looking for Angels

Wow, Looking for Angels became my favourite song from the first time I listen to it, it's so beautiful! It deserves to be 4th at least!

8 Those Nights Those Nights

SKILLET Rocks! But this song is absolutely fantastic!

The chorus is what makes the song so fun. - LightningBlade

9 Say Goodbye Say Goodbye

A sad song from the album and its feels good after listening to it. - LightningBlade

Becuase it's a song, that instantly get in yours feelings, it's so sad and at the same time so beautiful, needs to be a little higher

10 The Older I Get The Older I Get

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11 Live Free or Let Me Die Live Free or Let Me Die

This song is the best Skillet song ever! I love the verses. They are the best part of the song. I also really like the guitar. It's really nice. The arrangement really kills, and the song just gives you this feeling that I like. Go Skillet! I wish they wrote more songs like this.

Its such a surprise to find this song at the end of the list. The verses are sung well by Cooper and the guitars are well played. The chorus is good and its definitely one of Skillet's best. - LightningBlade

12 Yours to Hold Yours to Hold

I can't believe this is the last song on the list! This is one of my favorite Skillet songs!

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1. Rebirthing
2. Whispers In the Dark
3. Better Than Drugs
1. Looking for Angels
2. Falling Inside the Black
3. Whispers In the Dark
1. The Last Night
2. Falling Inside the Black
3. Whispers In the Dark

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