Best Songs From Slash's Apocalyptic Love

What is the best song from Slash's new album Apocalyptic Love? Vote for the best. The new album features Slash on lead guitar, Miles Kennedy on vocals and backing guitar, Todd Kerns on bass and backing vocals and Brent Fitz on drums.

The Top Ten

1 Anastasia

*One of the best rock songs of all time.
*Excellent guitar riff
*Epic intro, solo, and outro!

Has a great and efective solo with an excellent guitar riff throughout the whole song. This rock song is one of the best one I ever heard.

2 Standing In the Sun
3 Apocalyptic Love
4 You're a Lie
5 One Last Thrill
6 No More Heroes
7 Bad Rain
8 Far and Away
9 Halo
10 We Will Roam

The Contenders

11 Not for Me

Not for me is a really great track of this record it needs to be in the top five

12 Hard & Fast

An absolutely amazing song. Upbeat, just rock n fn' roll. Amazing riff, super awesome chorus, and both guitars and the verse just amazing.

13 Crazy Life

Such a great song this low? Come on the song deserves to be on top 3 at least!

14 Shots Fired
15 Carolina
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