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1 Hell Awaits

Title track that opens with an evil intro and goes from slow and heavy to fast thrash, themes of dying and torture in hell. - calmeehan

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2 At Dawn They Sleep

More technical song about vampires and the like. - calmeehan

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3 Necrophiliac

Crazy song about Necrophilia, featuring the darkest lyrics of the age. - calmeehan

"I feel the urge, the growing need, to **** this sinful corpse"

As if THAT line isn't twisted enough to make you stangely laugh.

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4 Kill Again

Fast paced and very aggressive song about murder. - calmeehan

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5 Crypts of Eternity

Another song about hell, awesome riffs, solos, and vocals. - calmeehan

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6 Hardening of the Arteries

Short but menacing outro to the album. - calmeehan

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7 Praise of Death

Fast song bashing some religion, nice short Bass solo in it. - calmeehan

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1. Crypts of Eternity
2. Hell Awaits
3. At Dawn They Sleep
1. Hell Awaits
2. Necrophiliac
3. At Dawn They Sleep
1. Hell Awaits
2. At Dawn They Sleep
3. Crypts of Eternity

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