Best Songs On Slayer's Hell Awaits

The Top Ten

1 Hell Awaits

Title track that opens with an evil intro and goes from slow and heavy to fast thrash, themes of dying and torture in hell. - calmeehan

2 At Dawn They Sleep

More technical song about vampires and the like. - calmeehan

3 Necrophiliac

Crazy song about Necrophilia, featuring the darkest lyrics of the age. - calmeehan

"I feel the urge, the growing need, to **** this sinful corpse"

As if THAT line isn't twisted enough to make you stangely laugh.

4 Kill Again

Fast paced and very aggressive song about murder. - calmeehan

5 Crypts of Eternity

Another song about hell, awesome riffs, solos, and vocals. - calmeehan

6 Hardening of the Arteries

Short but menacing outro to the album. - calmeehan

7 Praise of Death

Fast song bashing some religion, nice short Bass solo in it. - calmeehan

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