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1 South of Heaven

Title track intro that shows Slayer's slower, yet just as evil side. Lyrics about post-apocalyptic themes. - calmeehan

ON AND ON SOUTH OF HEAVEN - lilrocketman

2 Mandatory Suicide

War song that became a fan favourite. - calmeehan

3 Spill the Blood

Very dark song, you can hear the evil seeping through the riffs. There's a melancholy that's eerie, the sound of brutal despair. It's the song that introduced me to metal. Not their heaviest song, but one of their most harrowing.

Slow drumming and terrifying riffs complete the album in this outro. - calmeehan

Should be higher. Very evil and sinister sounding song. - IronSabbathPriest

The Best Slayer Song - Glauberson

4 Ghosts of War

Most epic turn from Fast to Slow ever. The intense first two minutes to a final huge breakdown at the end. EPIC!

Another war-like song with faster beats. - calmeehan

5 Silent Scream

Incredible drumming and fast riffs pick right off from South of Heaven. Lyrics on abortion. - calmeehan

South of heaven and Seasons in the abyss are just as good as Reign in blood - and this song is among their greatest.

6 Live Undead

Song about Zombies with slow beats but fast double bass, featuring Tom's last scream ever. - calmeehan

7 Behind the Crooked Cross

Song about Nazis with awesome riffs. - calmeehan

8 Read Between the Lies

Best song on the album; easily one of Slayers all time top 10 songs.

Religion-basher with great lyrics. - calmeehan

9 Cleanse the Soul

Short and fast with crazy solos. - calmeehan

10 Dissident Aggressor

Awesome Judas Priest cover. Deviates from the original only enough to make it sound like Slayer. - calmeehan

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1. South of Heaven
2. Mandatory Suicide
3. Spill the Blood
1. South of Heaven
2. Ghosts of War
3. Mandatory Suicide
1. South of Heaven
2. Mandatory Suicide
3. Behind the Crooked Cross

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