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1 People = S***

because I like the title yeah

Da 2nd best 1 by dees dudes

Peeps is poo poo

Got a (sic) title, got (sic) lyrics.
My favourite from Iowa would be People Equals.
If not that then probably Left Behind or My Plague.

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2 Left Behind

The breakdown is insane


Definitely one of their best. #3 to be exact. I love Slipknot but not a lot of the songs on this list. This song is so awesome and just a masterpiece. Everything runs together perfectly. I don't see how this isn't at number 1.

THe Fusion between Metal and Alternative. I hope the 5th album have this genre too. Sorry for my bad language, I'm Indonesian

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3 Disasterpiece

Best songs album by album

Slipknot - Eyeless
Iowa - Disasterpiece
3 - pulse of the maggots
AHIG - Psychosocial
5 - The devil in I

This is should be number 1!

#2 on my list of slipknot songs and certainly best on Iowa. 2nd is Gently, which for some reason is number 9 on this thing. What idiot made this list? Gentley is epic!

I listen to this song when I'm pissed off at bullies at my school but I don't really wanna do it its just what I think in my mind any ways gently should be top 5 with this

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4 The Heretic Anthem

If your 555 I'm 666 enough said

Not a big fan of Iowa. But the best track here would be The Heretic Anthem.

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5 My Plague

It's so intense and easily their best lyrics on the album, maybe their all time best. The dark melody mixes perfect with both vocals

Honestly I think this song and left behind are tied first

I think the New Abuse Mix is better

Amazing lyrics

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6 Everything Ends

Stands out from the rest in my opinion

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7 I Am Hated

Underrated - Not_A_Weeaboo

"Everything sucks and I can prove it everybody dies shuffle on remove it"

Better than My Plague. They should play this song Live!

We are bipolar gods

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8 Iowa

Turn all the lights out and listen to this.

This should be top 5 with 15 min. of darkness surrounding and corey did f--ked up things while recording this

Actually, this is the one song from the MKFR ("Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat."). Just finally done. They make this song to creepy ambient dedicates to the whole all album you just listened and their just deleted all other lyrics from the early version titled "Killers Are Quiet".

I know, after "P=S", "Left Behind" and other awesome songs this one is underrated.

But I love it.

The creepiest and the deepest songs I ever heard.

Isn't It a soundtrack to Penumbra or Amnesia, ah?

- Star Crescent

WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE HATE THIS SONG 15 min. enough said this album is ausome like people = shi*t it's a funny title disasterpiece my favorite song on here ausome I love this album

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9 Gently

Insanity in every way, such a perfectly brutal song. Should be top 3 no question. My favorite on the record - A7X3DGBB

This song is truly amazing. Some people don't have patients for it to be honest neither did I. But listen carefully through the whole song it is amazing plus near the ending is crazy hardcore

I prefer the MFKR version but this still kicked ass

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10 Metabolic

The most underrated song on the album. 10/10

Very aggressive I like that... yeah

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11 Skin Ticket


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12 New Abortion

The best of all slipknot songs. I go crazy whenever I listen to it.

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13 The Shape


This song is really underrated. It's actually pretty good. - Lem

It's a good song. It sends chills up my spine whenever I hear it! Should be higher on the list!

11! Far better than everything ends the shape is soft and aggressive at the same time go (sic) you maggots and were not faggots

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