Best Songs from the Smashing Pumpkins' Oceania

These are the best songs from The Smashing Pumpkins' 2012 album Oceana (not to be confused with the German female singer).

The Top Ten

1 The Celestials

Excellent Song. - Soulstealer

Stunning. Their most beautiful song

2 Violet Rays
3 Quasar

One of their best songs, very Cherub Rock-like intro and craving back to the psychedelic grunge Pumpkins-roots of Gish. Just imagine how perfect the song would have been with Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. - Agent_Cooper

4 Pinwheels
5 Panopticon
6 One Diamond, One Heart
7 Pale Horse
8 The Chimera
9 Inkless
10 My Love Is Winter

The Contenders

11 Oceania
12 Glissandra

Great song. - Soulstealer

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1. Quasar
2. Pinwheels
3. Pale Horse
1. The Celestials
2. Violet Rays
3. Quasar
1. Pale Horse
2. Quasar
3. My Love Is Winter

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