Best Songs From Sum 41's All Killer, No Filler

Sum 41's debut album (Half Hour of Power was an EP) has sold around 5 million copies worldwide since it's launch in 2001 and is critically acclaimed as one of the best Pop Punk/Punk Rock albums of all time. Vote for your favourite songs.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Sum 41's All Killer, No Filler

1 Fat Lip

Love this song love the lyrics "All the small things" really speaks to me to be honest love them x

This song is Sum 41 at their best, this is the happiest punk rock album I have ever heard, and this song is my favourite

2 Motivation
3 In Too Deep

Everybody needs to listen to this song its the best song ever ever ever ever ever!

4 Heart Attack

Awesome! So Catchy & Fun!

5 Nothing on My Back
6 Rhythms
7 Crazy Amanda Bunkface
8 Summer
9 Makes No Difference
10 Pain for Pleasure

The Contenders

11 Handle This

This should definitely not be 10 laugh out loud WOW. - OasisFeelsLove

12 Never Wake Up
13 All She's Got
14 Introduction to Destuction
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