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21 International Love
22 Drowning Again

I love this songs and I just first heard I am lising to it right now I a romatinc sad song I love it it just take my breathe and heart away I am listing to it about 50 time I definteley love this song I hope yell like it it's a sad song this is the greatest song I ever heard. By naiazia foster

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23 I'm a Flirt

wasn't his song but he contributed greatly

24 All the Above

One of the best songs ever! Just give it a chance!

There's no reason, it should be in top 5!

Everybody would sing this song

Best pump up song ever!

25 Studio Luv
26 Therapy
27 Let You Go

Great song by all standard

28 Bottlez
29 It's Not You

Best song for T pain

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30 Silver and Gold
31 Up Down (Do This All Day)

Cannot get over how good that song is. So catchy.

Definitely the best song!

The best! Killer number! '

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32 Blow Ya Mind

This is T-pain at his best. Has the club feel yet still solid R&B feel. This song is obviously for the older crowd!

33 Karaoke

great song. this is the best. hands down pain ripped people. awsome. buy u a drank is in top ten but not top one

number 1 it is hilarious

34 Booty Wurk

Great Music. Good Timing. Average lyrics. Overall a good song. I'd recommend it. Compared to his other song's this is actually very good but I ain't the best critic.

Better than best love song for sure

Damn good song, Should definitely be either number one or number two in the list. One of his most catchy songs

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35 Chopped 'n' Skrewed

Cold to show off too

36 Kiss Her

This is a good song check it out.

37 69
38 Backseat Action
39 U and Dat

This is an amazing song by T-Pain and E-40 the fastest rapper you never want to miss listening to him. This song is the best of the best. The beat is hot, the lyrics are cool and all in all T-pain sounds so cool.

40 I'm Dancin'
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