Best Songs By Take That

The Top Ten Best Songs By Take That

1 Patience

Makes want to stop everything you're doing and just listen.

A song that makes you stronger while giving you a motivation to continue. Thankfully is at the top ten, it should do much better though...

Just discovered this song in 2019! So hauntingly beautiful...I cannot believe it didn't get more airplay here in the US

WHAT!? I'm shocked at this list! I fully expected this magnificent song to be number 1 with like 50 percent of the votes! THIS IS AMAZINGLY GOOD!

2 Rule The World

This song is so moving. It really is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I heard it during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. Gary Barlow had just lost his daughter Poppy who was still born less than a week earlier. I don't know where he found the strength to give such an emotion charged performance of Rule The World. This and Let Me Go are amazing songs sung from the heart. Both have had me in tears.

Heard it on the radio one morning, couldn't get it out of my head all day and had to download it when I got home! Love this song!

So the movie Stardust ended and I wanted to switch to another channel and delayed a little bit then I heard this awesome song. I surfed the internet for it and found RULE THE WORLD! And from that moment on I fell in love with "Take That".

This song is so awesome! Absolutely amazing, in fact it is such a nice song that I've been listening to this song only for so many hours. Its been on repeat for more than a day. I LOVE THIS SONG!

3 Back for Good

I LOVE this song. It's so peaceful, not shouting at you, as though its having a conversation with you whereas there's a lot of raised voices in Patience. I think take that are a really stunning group and anyone who has anything against them is strange.

This was hard. I really love "Rule the World" but I had to go with "Back For Good". It is the quintessential Boy Band song and I believe the best one ever by any boy band including Backstreet Boys.

Cute track any one will fall for it

This song is the number 1 for me in my opinion I tried listening to their other songs just right now but this one really captivates me even before because it brings back old memories along with a1,westlife and backstreet boys.

4 The Flood

A really good song. Nice words good beat and fanastic meaning. Should be in top ten

This is one of the coolest songs ever! They sing live even better :D The Flood deserves to be in the top 10

this deserves to be in the top 10
its really one of their best pieces. - pritzzy

Robbie Williams - that's all!

5 Shine

Great pop song that you can't help but dance to, without a doubt mark's best vocals

"Hey! Let me show you! You are all that matters to me! " yeah, this song sings to me and I sing this to song... Definitely it is the best of Take that!

This song is a bouncy song. I love it. My favorite take that song of all time is affirmation on progress. This was my fave on this list.

Your time is coming, don't be late, how can ANYONE not sing along to that? It's so catchy and just brilliant

6 The Greatest Day

Perfect harmonies, builds beautifully, a complete dream.

It's the GREATEST Take That song EVER!

7 Kidz

This is the greatest song, never stop hearing

2nd favorite take that song

When the kidz come out!

8 How Deep is Your Love

Sexy version

9 Pray

Timeless song. Brings me back

10 Relight My Fire

The Newcomers

? Satisfied

The Contenders

11 Beautiful World

This Is ther Best song just listen ti it and you'll understand what I am saying

The best version of this song is on the beautiful world tour, wonderful song, my fave ♥

12 Never Forget

Few songs capture the ephemeral nature of fame as well as this song.

This should be top of the list! Best song they have done by a country mile! The music & lyrics work beautifully together and its not very often you get that with music these days. Plus one of the best groups in history!


Great tune! Up there with the best of the time! Can't believe that it is this low!

13 Babe

The Greatest music ever made

14 Love Love

iam doing a set list for my planning my concerts my name is declan

What part of greatness don't you understand, I'll help you understand!
We don't have too much time here, so let me make this far too fast,
You need to vote for this song, let's put this lyrics on the number 1



This Should be at the top ten. It has that catchy lyrics. I just love it!.

My favourite song by ANY artist!

15 Said It All

I cry every time I hear this song, it's honestly their greatest song!

Exceptionally underrated song of theirs. Takes a few listens but from the heartfelt middle verse to the blaring chorus this is a brilliant song from end to finish and one that is often sadly overlooked.

I am shocked that this song did not appear in the list. This song deserves to be in the top 5. Guys listen to this song please! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Great chorus! This is one of the most exciting songs that has ever existed

16 Everything Changes
17 A Million Love Songs
18 Eight Letters


19 Feel
20 Pretty Things
21 How Did It Come to This
22 When We Were Young

Just makes you want to close your eyes and get lost in your memories! Deserves to be higher up the list.

This is the most touching song I have heard from Take that... This song make you think of your old days that you will never get back.. Great one..

This song is just pure awesomness and it wants you to sing along. All you have to do is just listen to it and you will get lost in the lyrics because it's that cool and calm you'd want to listen to it at anytime in any situation.

23 Could It Be Magic


24 The Garden
25 Up All Night
26 Sure
27 These Days

Brilliant tune should be in the top 3 with patience and back for good

What. This should definitely be number 1. It's easily by a mile their best song and it is the main reason I know them and that we all know them.

It's such a catchy and lively song. My favourite song. The most underrated song ever.

Oh my gawd..why this song is last in the list..must listen..

28 Reach Out

Epic Song by them, one of the perfect songs I've heard in a while. Awesome intro, constant music, and beautiful lyrics accompanied by talented singers...

Just love this one, definitely gonna be in top 3 one day.

Listen to it once and you'll love it... - shouryat2b

29 What You Believe In

This should be higher.

30 What Is Love
31 Believe

It's fantastic!

Believe is so underrated. If only TT picked this as their next album's single

32 Hold Up a Light

This song is fantastic!

My favourite somg

33 I'd Wait for Life

Awesome song... Tears rolled down my eyes...
Hoping this to be the number 1

34 Stay Together

Really Great song, should be with top 10.

35 Giants
36 I Found Heaven
37 Wait

I'm astonished by the fact that this song hadn't made the list until now! It's addictive, and somehow sets this calming mood, even though it isn't a very quiet song.

38 I Like It


39 Nobody Else
40 Hello
41 Let in the Sun
42 Wooden Boat

Should be a lot higher on the list. Jason Orange's vocals are amazing if not perfect.

43 Out of Our Heads

Great new track

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