Best Songs From Taylor Swift's Debut Album

The Top Ten Best Songs From Taylor Swift's Debut Album

1 Teardrops on My Guitar

Used that song to 2 of my crushes. Those 2 boys went with a girl. I was so sad. But this song reminds me of it.

Amazing. Simply amazing. Drew doesn't deserve her now!

I love this song Its sImPlY AmAzImg

My rank on Taylor Swift
1.teardrops on my guitar
2.a place in this world
3.tied together with a smile
4.should,ve said no
5.picture to burn
6.the outside
7.our song
8.tim McGraw
9.i,d lie
10.a perfectly good heart
11. Invisible
12.i'm only me when I’m with you
13.cold as you
14.mary,s song (oh my my my)
15.teardrops on my guitar(pop version)
16.tim McGraw (remix)

2 Our Song

Come on... She wrote this in high school. Her friends lived it! Good then, good now!

3 Cold as You

Love the song but hate she said the d word

So beautiful

4 Tim McGraw

Hmm... It's a great song to listen to after a bad break up. Honestly it is.

5 Picture to Burn

"And I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive" and "As far as I'm concered, you're just another picture to burn" is a part of my favorite lyrics of this album.

That song kind of makes me want to take revenge on someone that I hate

This music video explains everything

"i'm just sitting' here planning my revenge and nothings stopping me from going out with all your best friends". Best break up song. Ever.

6 A Place in This World
7 Should've Said No

It's like an earlier version of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Oh my mosh. Perfect song for the ex crawling back to you.

8 Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

I know it's not a top charts song but I love this song... It's so amazing.

9 I'm Only Me When I'm with You

So beautiful

10 Stay Beautiful

Written to a guy named Corey... Telling him to stay beautiful if he doesn't end up loving her.


The Contenders

11 The Outside
12 Invisible


13 Tied Together with a Smile


14 A Perfectly Good Heart
15 I’d Lie
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