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1 All Too Well

This is her best song all time. It is... Simply flawless. The lyrics are so well-written and vivid:

We're dancing round the kitchen in the refridgerator light.
Hey you called me up again just to break me like a promise/ So casually cruel in the name of being honest
Maybe we got lost in translation.

You can also really feel Taylor's emotion. A lot of thought went into this song, you can tell it's a deep, very personal part of Taylor. It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it.

I really don't see why this isn't #1. "So you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest" I mean, who could come up with that? Red is such an amazing album, and this is an amazing song. I don't know why this song isn't popular. - taylorswiftie13

Dear person who said this shouldn't be number one,

Just because this wasn't released as a radio single, doesn't mean it's bad! I love Taylor, I really do, but I just didn't like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. This song has powerful lyrics, a lovely tune, and a heartfelt, emotional performance by Taylor. If this was released as a radio song, it would get to the top in no time! - Okochama-san675

I feel like this was the most emotionally deep and beautiful out of all of her songs. She poured all the regret and sadness of a lost love into the lyrics. "You call me up again to break me like a promise/so casually cruel in the name of being honest" is the best line she has ever written.

"And you call me up again just to break me like a promise
So casually cruel in the name of bein honest
I'm a crumbled up piece of paper lyin here Cause I remember it all, all all to well."
I told those lyrics to my friend and she cried.

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2 I Knew You Were Trouble

I press the shuffle button I keep pressing until I get to this song I know its very pathetic but its like my absolute favorite song sine I first heard it and I love even more because its about Harry Styles

Definitely the catchiest song on the album, a different sound for Taylor.

Awesome song. I saw a different side of Taylor. I love her so much, her songs are amazing. She's one of the reasons why I love music so much!

The video is great song is even better.

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3 State of Grace

It'll never be the same! Vote for State of Grace! Make it number 1! This is the best ever song in Red.

I really love this song. Its music is different than other songs in Red. Quite unique and different sounds of Taylor. Yes I love it 'cause this is state of grace.

All The songs in red are good, and I specially like All too Well, I almost do and Everything has Changed. But they aren't as good as SOG. All Too Well is quite repetitive, Great though! I Almost do is beautiful, but perhaps not as showy as SOG. Everything has Changed is great, great, great, but I hate to give any credit to any singer but Taylor. Yes. This song shows her marvelous voice, has good meaning, great lyrics, and very good and sophisticated instrumentals.

It's the best song Taylor has ever made!

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4 The Lucky One

Such a great song, tells an amazing story and a great vocal performance.

Amazing song with a great message. Definitely the best, in my opinion.

I got addicted to this song the first time I heard it. It is flawless with great clever lyrics love so much

The Lucky One is the best, you locals are just tasteless smh - KcSunshine1

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5 The Last Time

Tells really about love love you taylor and gary!

It reminds me of Say Something but I prefer this song much better.

This song sums up Taylor's others. It's enchanting, haunting, it changes everything, and is every color (including red! ). (I hope y'all get that! ) Gary Lightbody is an experienced and beautiful artist, simply enhancing Taylor's mystifying vocals in this piece. With a chorus you can't get tired of, lyrics from the most complex of hearts, two excellent vocalists seemingly shedding skin as they sing, and a wonderfully moving melody, this song fits the bill as simple perfection.


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6 Red

Red is a really good song and it should be #1. I listen to this song every time and good luck taylor swift on you next new album! - pandagirl512

I dictated this the first time I heard this. I'm not boosting about how good my memory is (it's not) but about the song: how good is it? Excellent! Deserves the first!

This is the best song of the album. Deserve to be at #1. Taylor sung this song beautifully.

Listen for a thousandth time
But it's still new

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7 Treacherous

The idea of this one is really unique, it's not a song where she regrets a former relationship or something like that. I also like the instrumental pick.

Incredibly beautiful. Should be number 1. WANEGBT is too poppy for Taylor, this is a perfect mix of her old and new style of music. - krpm

A subject Taylor has never sung about before but she does it effortlessly.

My favourite Taylor Swift song ever
My favourite part is: “two headlights shine through the sleepless night and I will, get you, get you alone, your name has echoed through my mind and I just think you, think you should know” so beautiful

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8 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

You go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk to me but we are never ever getting back together. Catchy song and I love Taylor swift!

Taylor's first number one single and a song you always scream when it comes on the radio.

This song I really like and taylor swift is my best singer ever

Best song ever

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9 Begin Again


It's a great song, it really fills me with hope when I listen to it.
Red is an amazing album though, every song is perfection.

Listening to this song is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. It's really soothing and relaxing and fills you with hope. Love it!

My ranking of red
1.begin again
3.the lucky one
4.all too well
5.holy ground
6.i know you were trouble
7.state of grace
9.we are never ever getting back together
10.stay. Stay stay
12.i almost do
13.everything has changed
15.sad beautiful tragic
16.the last time

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10 The Moment I Knew

This is the most inspirational and beautiful song. Not many people know it, which is sad

The best song on the album why number 13 should be at the top ten at least

There was one thing missing and that was the moment I knew

This is the best song on red...Sad it is on the deluxe edition.

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11 22

The biggest chorus on the album.

I love this song, but I think people vote for the sad songs, because they can remember them better.

Super good song! I took me forever to find it but when I did I couldn't stop listening to it!

I love this song

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12 Come Back... Be Here

One of the most underrated Taylor swift songs of all time. The beginning acoustic country feel is just amazing. Also -'taxi cabs and busy street, they never bring you back to me'- one of the best lines ever!

I like this song so much because the first part is acoustic and is getting to be more poppy through the end.

The song has so much emotion, I mean yes, the majority of songs on this album has feeling, but this one, it's just so special!

This is a lovely song. one of my favourites.

13 Everything Has Changed

How in the heck is this #11. Definitely top 3, probably #1! Ed and Tay are the best, and they come together for this!

Taylor and Ed make magic together.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have magical story about the music video - Blackstars

I really like the sound of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift singing together!

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14 Stay Stay Stay

Amazing song, it is like I don't know one of the most amazing ones, it has a catchy beat and its just amazing! The lyrics are very well thought of and the song has a great melody. Taylor Swift is AMAZING!

It is the sweetest song on the whole record. I mean, think about it: basically all the songs are sad/bittersweet. Red would be a really depressing album without the few upbveat songs, like Stay Stay Stay.
The best line is "I'd like to hang out with you for my whole life... " because that is real love. Not off-and-on like "We are never". A good, permanent relationship. Even though they get in fights, they're still together.
Daydreaming about real love...

Am I the only one who REALLY doesn't like this song? Annoying tune, too upbeat, repeated phrases (like Shake it Off), I'm sorry, but this is her worst song from the album.

Why is this is not at #1?

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15 Starlight

Really great song, my favourite! Really wish I could see her sing for real!

Yep, This song is totally supposed to be number one. Let's go people!

I thought Oh my what a marvellous tune when I heard this song

I love starlight! Super fun for karaoke

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16 Holy Ground

Really number 8! This song has to be at least in the top 5. Every time I'm in the car this song is playing... My dad always says how he gets annoyed listening to the same song over and over again but I love and I always will.

It's so beautiful. It's probably my favourite song on the whole album joint with Stay Stay Stay

It is a great song, It's also one of Taylor's favorite's!

How the hell is it last?

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17 Sad Beautiful Tragic

The most underrated song ever, I really love this song, definitely should be in the top 10 - YOUnique253

This track is so haunting, so amazing, so underappreciated. Definitely my second favorite song on the album after 'All Too Well'.

A somber, relaxing and amazing breakup tune. It's definitely my favorite after All Too Well!

, I heard this song for the first time in 2018 and I Think is my new favorite Red song.
I thought State of Grace was good but this wins-

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18 I Almost Do

I don't understand how All Too Well is 1 and this is far far away they sound very similar and this one has SO much feeling behind it. I mean: "It takes everything in me not to call you"? How can you not like this?

My list keeps changing but I agree: I Almost Do has so much emotion behind it...I almost do admit this just might be my current favorite song

Best Song by far so beautiful

OMGSOH. My list:
1. I Knw You Were Troble.
3. I Almost do
4. We are Never Ever EVER Getting Back Together
5. Everything Has Changed
6. Stay Stay Stay
7. Starlight
8. Red
9. All Too Well
10. Sad Beautiful Tragic
11. Treacherous
12. Begin Again
13. The Lucky One
14. Holy Ground
15. The Last Time
16. State Of Grace

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19 Swish Swish

This is Katy Perry song not a song on the Taylor Swift album, Red

The best song in this album!

20 Girl at Home

Why why why isn't this in the top ten? It's so much better than some of the songs on the standard edition. Sad that she didn't sing it live though...

<3 this song! So sad it isn't so popular...still all swifties know this is a great song...right?

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