Best Songs From Taylor Swift's Speak Now

The princess of country and pop's third studio album didn't dissapoint - it has some really great songs, and the album, I think, is better than Taylor's previous two. I smell another Grammy Award for Album Of The Year.

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1 Enchanted

I have listened to this song at least 500 times and I have never gotten sick of it. If you haven't heard it please listen to it. Now all I want is an enchanting music video to go along with this amazing song! Go Taylor Swift!

The best song ever! It really enchants me... If I was Adam Young, I would be so happy to have such an amazing song written about me

TO BE HONEST I LOVE ALL HER SONGS ON THIS ALBUM, but this song is just epic, this song is so beautiful I just love it so much I love all her songs this is definitely the best album of all the years.

My mum the first time she heard it she said “wow this song is beautiful” and I was like yeah it really is

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2 Back to December

I will not criticize those who have not voted for this song... Poor things. It's too hard a choice, I mean all of her songs are absolutely WONDERFUL, most of the songs are absolutely AWESOME, quite a few deserve to be ONE of the BEST, but none as much as BACK TO DECEMBER. Vote everyone! For the music, for the lyrics and for the video. Those of you who have not seen the video, I suggest you do before you vote against this song. I am sure you would return to vote for Back to December.

This song is one of Taylor's best!
I just love it
It is so soothing to hear
this song depicts my story
Someone who doesn't like it has no taste for music!

This song is a gem. The lyrics are so genuine and heartfelt, and so beautiful. The entire chorus is brilliant, and depicts forgiveness, regret, and the emotions that come after anger and sadness after the end of a relationship. Brilliant.

I love how this song gives message of forgiveness and how Taylor actually expresses remorse for her actions. - Anushka125

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3 Haunted

This is a god list. enchanted is amazing but haunted DEFINITELY is better. music is incredible and lyrics are fantastic. another brilliant song by swift.

Dramatic. I somewhat found it connected to Celine Dion's 'Just Fade Away'. - TheSudhanva

How is this not a single? The first time I heard it on Pandora I liked it instantly. It's strange that the top two songs on this list aren't even singles, but this song is one of the best songs that Taylor Swift's made.


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4 Sparks Fly

I'm just here wondering why Sparks Fly is placed at number fourteen. It's got a great rhythm, and even though I wouldn't exactly call it catchy, in my opinion, it is the best song. I hope you agree when you listen to it!

WHAT? I'm so confused right now this song has to be number two I can't say number one because enchanted needs to stay there ( I'm really happy and excited to see enchanted as number 1! )... But seriously people number 5? This has to be a joke...

What? This song is placed at number fourteen? It's a perfect song, you know!

Is this a joke? This is Swiftie National Anthem! My FAVORITE song since it was released. Come on!

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5 Mine

The first single to be released from the album. A sensational hit, with a sensational music video. - TheSudhanva

11? REALLY? This isn't one of my personal faves, but how can it be 11? It's 9 on the big Taylor Swift! Does. Not. Compute. - goldiekitty2

I absolutely love this song

You are the best thing that's ever been MINE

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6 Mean

I personally love this song. It's amazing. I don't think it should be number 8 on this list as this song has helped me with bullying. But this song is truly amazing and should help many people through bullying like it did for me

This is amazing and should be first.

This song is awesome! It should be among the top 3.

My ranking on speak now
4.dack to December
5.never grow up
6.dear John
8.story of us
9.sparks fly
11.last kiss
12.speak now
14.better than revenge

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7 Better Than Revenge

Taylor RAPS in this song? Unbelievable! Catchy. - TheSudhanva

Aha. There's nothing I do better than revenge. ;) Can't go wrong with teaching a girl a lesson in a song. - NiallersNandosXOXO

When I first heard this song I was like huh, but then I kept listening and I thought it was absolutely amazing. It's so catchy and I can't stop singing along to it!


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8 Long Live

I used to say some of her more popular songs were the best on this album... I think I actually may have voted on here almost a year ago with sparks fly or speak now, but I hadn't really listened to long live by then. I mean, I'd heard it, but never really listened to it.
Now that I've listened to it so many times, each time getting chills and being completely moved by the lyrics, I've realized just how beautiful it is. I interpret it as two best friends who have accomplished so much, and together it was always them against the world. For some reason though fate has split them in different directions, but their time together has forever changed who they were, and everything they had done. There are so many amazing lyrics in this song, but these two are my favorites...
- And the cynics were outraged, yelling "this is absurd! " 'Cause for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world
- I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you

How can this only be number 8? This is my favourite Taylor Swift song ever! The lyrics are just amazing, her vocals are great and the story that the song tells is so brilliant I sometimes can't believe it. Once you actually listen to it instead of just hearing it, you realize how good this song really is.

I love all of Taylor's songs and they are all my favorite, but Long Live is truly amazing. For anyone who doesn't know, it is about her life now, her fans, and her amazing band. It shows how grateful she truly is to be as successful as she is. Long Live Taylor!

Why is this song so low? It's a dashing and incredible song about friendship and conquering the world. Whenever I listen to it, I start to praise it as my anthem. If you have not listened to it, I strongly recommend it!

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9 Last Kiss

Oh my god last kiss at no. 7 and Enchanted at number 1? This is a great song... I love the lyrics and it is greatly sung by taylor swift. The music is fab and I have heard this song about a million times... Enchanted is good but last kiss is perfect... - iluvtaylorswift

What the heck is Last Kiss doing at 12?! It's one of my favorite songs on the album! I love it! The lyrics are real, you can feel the emotion in this song and you can hear when she's about to break down in tears in the song! It really takes my breath away, it makes me cry too... <13 I LOVE EVERY SONG IN THE ALBUM! THERE ALL AMAZING!

This song moves you to tears. I think it was the first time I cried because of a song... And damn you Joe


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10 Dear John

It's almost as haunting as "Haunted". It's so deep, sad, and empowering.

Dear John is one of the best songs of taylor

Vote this up people, this is a great song!
Dear john describes what it fells when you know you are loving the wrong person but can't help it

Dear john is so sad song

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11 Innocent

The harmony, the angelic chorus and the lovely Taylor Swift's vocals in this song pretty much make my life complete. Her lyrics and the overall guitar melody just makes for a WINNING piece of music!

My opinion, this song should got number 1 in this list, I think this song have a deep meaning and her music also good, every time I listens to this song, I feels that I'm is guilty,..

Favorite song. Just enough rock, folk, and country to make it perfect. Nice message too. - Katanaceilingfan

This is such a good song, just wow.

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12 Speak Now

This song might not be the best song from the album but its definitely not 9th position worthy... It deserves to be in the top 5... Along with enchanted, back to december, haunted, sparks fly...

This song immediately stands out to me! It's so catchy, and hooks you in on the first line! Great song. - tcatron565

I like just the lyrics and the tone of voice Taylor uses in this song it just really tells a long story and I really love!

Oh, Speak Now is probably one of the best songs Taylor Swift has ever made so...get your facts STRAIGHT!

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13 The Story of Us

I like a huge amount of Taylor songs, I'm a total fan. I went to her Red concert in Chicago where she performed though she had a tooth accident. The newspaper posted it horribly! But I love some songs like Picture to burn, Haunted, the story of us etc. I mostly into quick Taylor songs with a catchy rhythm but I just have to vote for this one!

Best song ever! How can it be at 12? I mean it's a GREAT song! Don't you just love it? And the music video is epic. I can't stop myself from watching it

WOAH! What happened? It is 2016 and this is one of my favorite songs ever!

Catchy. Amazing lyrics. Beautiful tune. What can there possibly be more? LOVE IT! 💕 - iamdanielle

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14 Ours

So underrated. Best song I've ever heard and she's not even my favorite artists. The only songs that are on this level are Fix You, Viva la Vida, and Together Forever. Nonetheless, even with those songs in the conversation, this is still the best Taylor Swift song of all time. Prove me wrong

This song is so underrated, it's really pretty!

How could someone forget this song?

My ultimate favorite tylor swift song

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15 Never Grow Up

This folk-inspired song about a mother-child relationship which is critically lauded for its simplicity and how she perfectly narrates the story a country artist always do is my best pick from the album.

This song is totally underrated. Who wouldn't like a song that perfectly describes your childhood and could also make you cry so much? This deserves to be in the top ten.

This song is so touching me and my mom love to listen to it. It deserves to be at least in the top 10 I think.

Best song and lyrics of Taylor swift.

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16 If This Was a Movie

I noticed that the songs on the top of this list are the more popular ones...but popular songs aren't necessarily the best - I'm posting in 2016 so I should know - this song describes how life just isn't a movie through beautiful prose

If This Was a Movie may not be Swift's best song but is one of the most beautifully sung. How can it just be second to last? Vote this up!

I fell in love with this upon hearing it for the first time. Why is it second last? It's so beautifully crafted!

I love this song! It should not be this low. My ranking of this album
1. Sparks Fly
2. Long Live
3. Speak Now
4. Haunted
5. If This Was A Movie

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17 Superman

(In response) I know this song, but the other people on here probably don't

Superman isn't the best song on the album, but it definitely shouldn't be last! I love it so much. I guess most people don't really know it though because it's a bonus track...

Oh god I really don’t like this one compared to other songs on the album - sylviegd

18 Drops of Jupiter
19 Bette Davis Eyes
20 I Want You Back
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