Best Songs from Taylor Swift's Fearless

My take on the top ten songs from Taylor Swift's Grammy-award-winning second album.

The Top Ten

1 Love Story

It's so obsessive- I still listen to it even though it was released 6 years ago! It's like a fashion trend that never goes out of style but will remain forever etched in our minds and will continuously play on loop in our ears. Once you hear it, you'll instantly want to learn the lyrics because it's so magical and once you've learnt the lyrics- that's when you can't get the song out of your head. It's so romantic, so beautiful, so magical, so flawless. It's no wonder this song is voted to be the best track on the album- because there's absolutely no doubt about it!

I thoroughly love this song! It's so obsessive and I'm still listening to it even thought it was released 6 years ago- it's like a fashion trend that never ever goes out of style.

You know, she really is the 21st Century's Shakespeare in music! - TheSudhanva

This was the first song I've heard and since then I'm in love with her...

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2 You Belong With Me

I can't stop listening to it! It's kind of jumpy compare to other more slow and peaceful songs with suit me and you should have seen the music video... laugh out loud It's a nice song with some essence of humor (which I totally LOVE)

This song relates to my love life. Like a ton. Only thing I don't get is, she is like, "I'm gonna steal that girl's boyfriend! " In Better than Revenge, she is on another point like, "She just stole my boyfriend! " However, top song in the album.

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3 Breathe

I love this song, especially since it can be used not only in the context of a breakup, but losing a close friend too, listening to her apologize in a song like that makes me wanna just give her a big hug.

I love this song so much, and every time I hear it, I cry because I think, "Taylor Swift doesn't need to be treated bad, because she obviously has trouble with break ups. "
I love you, taylor!
Love, your biggest fan with all of your albums, posters, and loves your style.

It's so peaceful and soft. The song is beautifully written and sang perfectly. It's really one of her best songs

Best song ever <3 love it <3 just love it

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4 You're Not Sorry

So cool how it's you're NOT sorry, since usually people say they are sorry. This song is very special and different that is hart to forget.

This song proves how UNMEANINGFULL "sorry" can be. You can say sorry, but it doesn't mean it means anything. Even if you aren't relating it to a breakup it can still be about family or friends. - taylorswiftlover

5 Fearless

This song is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Enough said. Even thinking of it (or Fearless or Taylor Swift in general) brings me to near tears sometimes because It's SO CLOSE TO MY HEART and I love it SO SO SO SO SO much to a point where words can't even describe. The lyrics are plain amazing, with a blend that tells a adrenaline filled love story, one that makes you wanna jump and sing along at the top of your lungs. It's beautiful and amazing.

Every time I hear or play this song I get so happy I have to start dancing... Even if I'm in the middle of the parking lot! FEARLESS NEEDS TO BE NUMBER ONE... IT IS NUMBER ONE AND that's A FACT!

Wonderful song. I could imagine the scene happening and Taylor is really fearless to write such a beautiful song and to share it to the rest of the world

This song makes my heart happy!

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6 White Horse

Beautifully sung with a fairy tale background. Heartbreaking and gorgeous lyrics. "Now it's too late for you and your white horse to catch me now."

So sweet and yet heartbreaking to the prince and his white horse. I love it so much

Give it up for taylor for her great acting by crying the whole way through the music video. I love when it's like...
Do you still love me= yes
Will you forgive me= no

"I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale " Love this love song

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7 Forever & Always

It's super catchy and a kinda song that makes me wanna stand on a table and lip sync/scream-sing along because it's so close to my heart.

This is such a powerful song. I want to punch Joe Jonas every time I hear it.
The piano edition is also amazing.

8 The Way I Loved You

WHY ISN'T THIS AT THE TOP! This is great writing and really relatable! It also is unique due to it's change from a major to minor chord in the chorus - perfect!

I love this song so much.
The most cleverly written song on the album and makes me feel great.
Stuck in my head - can't stop singing!

9 Fifteen

It's a beautiful teenage love song...


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10 Jump Then Fall

Jump Then Fall has a simple, catchy tune, but the song is so meaingful. It tells a story of falling in love with your friend, and promising them that no matter what, you'll be there to catch them when they fall. It's a beautiful piece.

One of the best-produced songs I have ever heard (especially that bass). - Katanaceilingfan

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11 Change

Change is beautiful. Even the music video I great (Taylor's eyes in the video are amazing) and just the simple idea of how the song fits for anyone is awesome.

It's very uplifting, talking about whatever challenge there is getting in your way, you can overcome it! One of my favorites on the record.

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12 Hey Stephen

HOW IS THIS NOT THE BEST SONG! This is my all time favorite Taylor Swift song ever! It's sweet and awesome. I really like the melody and the lyrics. - Taylorswiftfan

13 Come In With the Rain
14 Untouchable V 1 Comment
15 Tell Me Why
16 The Other Side of the Door

It's in the platinum edition. And it's totally cool beans!

17 Forever & Always (Piano Version)

So, so amazing much better than the normal version. It is just perfect and heartbreaking and so emotional.

I just voted for this song out of pity.

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18 The Best Day

This song is beautiful. I cried when I heard it. Imagine being this girl's mother? I wish I was that lucky!

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19 Superstar

It's got a simple tune and a cute idea- it really deserves to be higher up on the list.

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1. You Belong With Me
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