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1 London Calling London Calling Cover Art

When I first heard this song, I was floored. The line 'London is drowning and I, (I) live by the river' have more meaning behind it than just something to keep itself knocking around your head. As for the comment about it being highly rated because of having London in the name: you miss the point entirely. The song isn't up here because it has London in the name, it's up here because it holds meaning and gives us a glimpse into the feeling of the time; something that you'll be hard pressed to find in many songs.

A nuclear error but I have no fear... Great moment, this song is a perfect, apocalyptic, cynical representation of the fearful, paranoid feeling that gained the inhabitants of the English capital in those troubled times. Best song by the band, and one of the best songs ever.

The beginning of the only album that could ever give Sgt. Pepper a run for his money. This is the greatest moment in punk history.

This is legit the best song ever, by the clash or any other band.

2 Train In Vain Train In Vain Cover Art

Cause of happiness which this song give, greeting to the clash fan's

This song is their best but not their most famous

Truly believe that this is their best song. Catchy, powerful, and brilliant

For a band so dedicated to rebellion they show surprising skill at the art of the pop song

3 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Should I Stay or Should I Go? Cover Art

I listen to it for the first time watching Stranger Things and today I still fall in love with this song. The Clash are one of my favorite band.

Definitely my favourite by The Clash. Huge punk rock pioneer, especially with this song. Catchy chorus and great instrumental work. Great band

Definitely going to stay and listen to this song.

Fantastic song with super catchy Spanish backing vocals. True genius

4 Rock the Casbah Rock the Casbah Cover Art

Amazing song which deserves a high spot on this list. Too bad the production isn't as good as on London Calling.

Catchiest song of all time. Period.

I love this song so much I listened it around 150 times already. I think it really should be number 1. Its catchy, has great melody and is awesome overall!

Try listening this song making an effort on feeling what Strummer felt when recording. The clash made history with this song

5 I Fought the Law I Fought the Law Cover Art

This one is DEFINITELY one of my favorites. I could head-bang to this all day!

How this song SHOULD have recorded initially.

Simply awesome one of the greatest songs

Top ten of its era

6 The Guns of Brixton The Guns of Brixton Cover Art

This song rarely makes top 10 lists. It's so great! The bass is as good as "London Calling". Its lyrics are amazing and pre-date (inspired? ) the 1980's Brixton riots. Seriously the lyrics are punk as hell! The harmony they do during the chorus is also phenomenal. The Clash have some terrific songs, but this is by far their best.

So good. Shameful that it was sampled by Beats International, but then they did copy everyone.

Greatest mix of reggae and punk

How is this song fifth! This is by far the best song here.

7 (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais Cover Art

Should be on the top 5. And this is better than The Guns of Brixton.

Awesome. Just such an amazing beat and a great feel to it that puts it higher than even London CALLING itself!

Straight to Hell is my favorite but this one should definitely be higher as well

Not just the best Clash song, but the best rock song ever written. The new groups are not concerned with what there is to be learnt...

8 Lost in the Super Market Lost in the Super Market Cover Art

I can't believe that this isn't on the list! Granted it isn't their best song (not even in the top ten), but to not include it at all is unforgivable. Mick's vocals have never been better on this song. Plus it's a great anti-consumerism. X

This is one of the best songs ever. It's also a song I can relate to :).

You guys know what this song is about? Its about life, and the sensations it gives you. This song is so deep.

About feeling lost in life. Brilliant song.

9 Death or Glory Death or Glory Cover Art

I really liked the lyrics--not just because it's a song about selling out, but because it leaves the listener with jurisdiction to draw a lot of conclusions about its meaning. It also has a great melody, and the part in the middle in which the music seems to stop for a time before picking itself back up is amazing.

A great song, one of my favorites

I like this song. A lot

10 Police & Thieves Police & Thieves Cover Art

First song where you can tell where The Clash were heading. Best pre London Calling song by far.

Great song! Right up there with London calling and should I stay or should I go.

Why so low!. Brilliant song

I love this song wich was also song by others groups in reggae version.

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11 Clampdown Clampdown Cover Art

A powerful song about how we should avoid what society wants us to be, and we should do whatever we want

Powerful riff and awesome rhymes

This is the best Clash song ever! It speaks of the working class and how hard it is to survive in a world of political conspiracys, unfairness, inequality, hypocracy and corruption. This is how a real punk rock band should sound.

Thé best andré thé Orly one

12 Career Opportunities Career Opportunities Cover Art

This is my favourite song, because it's great old punk whacking with great melody. Songs from London Calling are maybe advanced and all, but this is old punk which I like

their best short, sharp punk anthem

My personal favourite. It's the perfect punk song: fast and furious.

My first clash song I'm 11

13 White Riot White Riot Cover Art

11? Okay but it's awesome

White riot
I wanna riot
White riot
A riot of my own!

16? Serious?
It's a masterpiece

14 Complete Control Complete Control Cover Art

I like about 97% of Clash songs release before Cut the Crap (they are my favorite band), but this has to be my all time favorite, because it just defines them so much, plus it is really fun.

This song is the last great punk song by the band before they went in other directions. It has a much fuller production than songs from the first album. A fantastic single.

I just love this song. Janie Jones, safe European home, and English Civil war are extremely close seconds though.

It should actually be 1. One of the greatest punk songs ever.

15 Spanish Bombs Spanish Bombs Cover Art

Spanish bombs has a great beat, and is vastly underrated. Also it is in the best album ever. Listen to this song then rethink your previous review.

As a Spanish I love how the Clash remind us of the terrible civil war my country suffered and how fascism destroyed all liberties. Beautiful lyrics and great bass

Something about the Spanish makes it my favorite. It is also fun to play on acoustic guitar.

Is the bast song from the clash (i'm from a Spanish speaker country)

16 Straight to Hell Straight to Hell Cover Art

I like a lot of Clash songs more than this one, but to see it this far down on the list...M.I.A. would be very sad, to say the least.

One of the most heartfelt songs I have ever heard

Only song that's had me hooked first time I heard it

This is one of their best.. Maybe not so popular as London calling and should I stay or should I go but desevse to be on the top ten.. Every hardcore clash fan knows this song..

17 The Magnificent Seven The Magnificent Seven Cover Art

Love it. My favorite song by The Clash. I love the bass riff and the whole idea of the song. It's got a mixture of punk, reggae and rap. It shouldn't work, but it works brilliantly.

Should be on # 1!

Primal punkabilly- bassline went on to be sampled to great success by Basement Jaxx on Romeo I think. Number one simply for 'Whatve we got? Magnificence.'

My favourite Clash song.😀

18 Bankrobber Bankrobber Cover Art

Broke so many stereotypes in the uk at the time

How this song doesn't crack the top 10 is beyond me...

Better than London calling

Record of the Summer

19 Cheat Cheat Cover Art
20 Rudie Can't Fail Rudie Can't Fail Cover Art

Very underrated. Amazing arrangement, production and melodies.

I love this song like complete control. This song have so many layer and I can talk about that for many years. It's comedy and tragedy.

21 Safe European Home Safe European Home Cover Art

This is one of the greatest tunes

great song

22 Garageland Garageland Cover Art
23 Tommy Gun Tommy Gun Cover Art


24 What's My Name What's My Name Cover Art
25 This Is England

In my opinion a severely underrated song, sure it's not exactly what The Clash used to be, but give Joe Strummer credit. His vocals sound amazing on this song, a nice curtain call for one of the greatest bands of all time

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