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41 English Civil War
42 Washington Bullets V 1 Comment
43 Cheapskates
44 Stay Free

Surely this can't be the 39th best clash song it's brilliant

V 1 Comment
45 Know Your Rights

Sharp protest song. Punk to the core, still maintains its wit.

46 I'm Not Down

Unbelievable song that doesn't get recognition, one of the best ever

Crazy how underrated this song is, one of their best

47 Armagideon Time

Great B side to London's Calling - check out the 12 inch mix.

48 Lose This Skin

One of the best fore sure

49 Brand New Cadillac
50 Deny

So, I think it is the best song in their first album. Awesome part from 2:17.

51 Koka Kola
52 Somebody Got Murdered
53 Charlie Don't Surf

This is bull. 57 for one of the best clash songs

54 Something About England
55 Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad
56 Jimmy Jazz

By far one of the most underrated songs I have heard.

Better than London calling, sorry.

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57 Hate & War
58 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe

One of their catchiest tunes albeit not one of their most famous. Wish this was on the list to begin with! Everyone who hasn't heard this song should do it right now. Love love love this song!

59 Car Jamming
60 This Is England

In my opinion a severely underrated song, sure it's not exactly what The Clash used to be, but give Joe Strummer credit. His vocals sound amazing on this song, a nice curtain call for one of the greatest bands of all time

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