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1 Just Like Heaven Just Like Heaven

It's the best song on the whole world! I don't understand why it's number six! I think is the best! number one!

"A past trip to the sea shore. " Robert Smith

This song best exemplifies what is really The Cure. I used to make my high school boring routine homeworks on The Cure and I remember this song would give the last boost to finish them!

Perfect lovesong, great mood and it's short enough, because perfect pop-songs shouldn't be longer than three and a half minute.
Check out the Beatsteaks-version of this song. It's great, too.

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2 Pictures of You Pictures of You

Love this song this song was played in an episode of One Tree Hill season 6 Peyton from One Tree Hill Loves The Cure - mneilan

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

This is the best! This is not one of the greatest song by the cure but one of the greatest song of all time!

Heard it in Mr.Robot; Instantly got hooked up!

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3 Lovesong Lovesong

This song has the best lyrics, and the keyboard is really chilling. I think it is Robert Smith's songwriting at its best. He wrote it as a wedding gift for his wife. This is one of those songs that should never be covered, because no cover is ever going to be close to the original. I love THE CURE! - tr_11

My mother would sing this to be when I was a baby and was the song she would sing to me to make some fall asleep. This song has so much meaning and the love in this song is true

The lyrics match the rhythm so hard! The instruments and robert's voice combined are the sound of perfection, by far, one of the greatest songs of the cure

This is The Cure at their Best, I LOVE IT! It should be on top

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4 Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry

We all know this should be number one but... But nothing this is number one!

This song is amazing! Can't believe it's not on the list!

It's beautiful and amazing. The intro is the best part.

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5 Friday I'm in Love Friday I'm in Love

Pure genius! Its one of these songs you never get tired of like smells like teen spirit or wonderwall or all the Beatles stuff

This is a work of genius. The complex layering, musical density and beautiful melody combined with Robert Smith's voice have created an astonishing work of art that makes virtually all other rock and pop offerings sound thin by comparison.

The first cure song I ever heard even before I knew about the cure I constantly heard this song on my computer library and on cd's as a kid while not knowing much about the cure at all! Great song!


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6 Lullaby Lullaby

Fantastic, the dark lyrics and the awersome music it is just the best cure's song of the cure's best album

Best song Base, keyboard and Vocals are super.

Love this song.. Perfect vocal.. The music is outstanding.. Could'nt asked for more

Absolutely a drugs! Really nice to get high with this song!

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7 In Between Days In Between Days

How is it possible that this song is not in top ten? And Friday I'm in love is 4th? Come on people, wash your ears! Sorry, but I had to say it... wait, was that Tourette syndrome?

Are you serious? This is one of the most beautiful songs ever!

Best song ever ever ever ever... Etc

This is the song that got me into The Cure, and it's still one of my all time favourites - an absolute classic!

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8 A Forest A Forest

I know others are more popular, but this song should be in the top 2 or 3 cure songs. It's my favorite cure song by far. The lyrics speak of longing and loss (shocker! ) and the music fits the lyrics perfectly. Really, really great song.

Musically speaking this is one of the best written songs in the last 35 years. The simplicity of the bass, the complexity of the guitar and the lyrics. This song is still very vital today.

I remember first hearing this when the album was released - loved it ever since! Still play it almost every day: on good equipment new details buried in the mix emerge all the time. Remarkable song

Love this live! Amazing! I think it is the true fan's favourite!

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9 A Letter to Elise A Letter to Elise

This song is a poetic masterpiece that portrays the harsh but true message love is sometimes not enough in a melodic way that consumes you entirely

This song is genius, you can really feel the emotions stirring in the song and personally, this is my favorite.

If you only heard one Cure song in your lifetime, this should be that song.

Makes me remember my first crush, Oh God I'm so old now. Most special song for me, ever.

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10 The Lovecats The Lovecats

Heard this song on "The History of New Music" for the first time years ago. My favorite by far.

I was addicted to this song for years! I love the lusty verbiage.

Great song very distinctive reminds me of alley cats.

Fantastic song, The Cure's best by far.

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? Prayers for Rain Prayers for Rain

What an intro! Dark and stomping nightmarish Cure sound. Get ready

The most underrated track from Disintegration

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? Halo Halo

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11 Close to Me Close to Me

What if I prefer close to me than baby screams.

This was my favorite song when it came out, so I'm biased.. but am a huge Cure fan, and am very intimately familiar with their music. I think this should be in place of Friday I'm in Love.

So amazing and breath-taking. gives me shivers... - apouroiselle

12 Fascination Street Fascination Street

This is definitely 1 of their bests. Had to vote this because it deserves to be higher up like at number 6. But the bass is amazing and its all around an amazing songs

I like the energy it has without sounding so poppy like friday I'm in love. Nice guitar and bass lines.

Should at least be in the top ten! It's provocative and the groove is just... WOW.

This definitely belongs in the top 10.

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13 Why Can't I Be You? Why Can't I Be You?
14 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

This song got me through some hard times. The lyrics are absolutely incredible. Also it rises and falls so beautifully, with the crescendo solo by Porl capping off one of the greatest songs ever.

I can't believe this song is not on the list, best song ever written

Yeah, this one belongs in the top 10... Of all time!

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15 Disintegration Disintegration

Simply the most well constructed song of all time. Arguably of course. Robert goes to the deepest depths of what heartbreak is truly about, in a manner with poetically and painfully woven verses, that will either destroy you with how you might relate, or seduce you with the almost epic, elegant, and somewhat fast paced guitar rhythm. Surely, this is The Cure's most underrated song, and one of the world's most moving pieces that will literally take you back to the scars of your past.

One of the greatest songs of all time, never mind one of the best cure songs. Poetic heartbreaking lyrics, great rhythm section, and incredible guitar textures.

This is just a list of The Cure's most popular songs. If the list was truly their best songs, Disintegration would be very near the top. It's a masterpiece.

Songs about happiness murmured in dreams, only both of us knew how the ending would be

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16 Killing An Arab

Top 10 for sure, in the best 5 of the band to be completely honest

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17 The Blood The Blood
18 Where the Birds Always Sing Where the Birds Always Sing
19 Shake Dog Shake Shake Dog Shake
20 The Caterpillar The Caterpillar

Uplifting song with an uplifting video

Fantastic, positive, fun song!

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