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41 Plastic Passion
42 Cold

From the rumbling cello that throbs at the bottom of the mix, the cold, icy synths that drive the song, the simple bass guitar lick to the classic Cure twinkles effects, it's an epic, soothing track that only the Cure could really make.

43 The Last Day of Summer

The definitive The Cure song, my favourite. Gives me chills every time, the lead guitar over the meandering rhythm guitar works wonders with Smith's heartfelt lyrics here. - Bicyclerepairman

Awesome should be top 20

The rhythm of the song, it's calm, the instruments are so well conected to each other, it's a boom of relaxation or sth

44 Jumping Someone Else's Train

Should definitely in the top ten!

Better than any other song they did... some of the top ten songs make me weep they are so poo. People have dreadful taste.

You kidding! Lets take this one to top ten guys!

45 Bloodflowers

This song has everything!

46 Fire in Cairo
47 Cut
48 The Baby Screams
49 Homesick

Disintegration is probably the best album by The Cure. Every song is a complete piece of art, and even though there aren't a lot of people who know this song, I consider it one of the best.

Most Melodious Song of the Cure...I think. It should be no. 1...most people have no taste in music who voted other songs higher. - shanusingh

This song should be in the top 5 at least. It's a great melody that's lets you dream off...

Should be ranked a way higher.

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50 Pornography
51 The Figurehead
52 Open

This should be number one. Never in the history of music have I head a song so ominous and distressing. Masterfully crafted and fear inducing.

Overlooked twisted Cure progressive masterpiece. Perfect for opening every Cure show ever

One of my favorite songs by the Cure. Second only to, you guessed it, just like heaven

Just. Grrreat.

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53 High

One of my favourite The Cure songs, the guitars in this sound awesome!

This is the best The Cure song, so underrated. u.u

54 Untitled

One of the Best Songs!

55 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

The MTV Unplugged version is a masterpiece. Just listen it. No other The Cure's song beat that

56 Jupiter Crash
57 The Drowning Man
58 Siamese Twins

This song is epic, I don't mind that its this low, you guys are the fans, so I won't argue

I never expected this song to be this low on the list!
It deserves a higher position for sure.

59 The Funeral Party

How is this only 89th on the list? Such a haunting song, you can really hear the emotion in Smith's voice.
For me, Faith is the best cure album, and this is my favourite song on that album.

60 Let's Go to Bed

This song must be higher for sure!

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