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61 This Twilight Garden

This song! Can't believe it's not top ten! 75? Seriously

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62 Out of This World

This is the most incredible song ever written, what's is it doing so far down, it should at least be in the top 5, the cure are divine and this song is their bohemian rhapsody

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63 Catch

Amazing their best song isn't even listed until now. Like Friday, Pictures and Elise but Catch is in a class of its own

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64 Doing the Unstuck

Shady Pop perfection

If it's the gallup's favorite song must have something special right?
It's one of the best THE CURE'S songs I've ever heard

65 Hot Hot Hot!!!
66 Birdmad Girl
67 Want

The song that someday will change the world!

Amazing, symphony of noise

Great group, great song, outstanding album.

Beatiful melody and beautiful lyrics...

68 In Your House

Love it to bits!

69 Apart

Wow. I would have never known this song if not for this list. First time I listened to it. Not the best, but a very good song.

Is this a joke that this song didn't even appear in this rank?! It's absolutely brilliant track.

So deep. This is truly one of the best songs ever. Perfect for a broken heart.

70 Last Dance
71 All I Want

One of the coolest Cure songs! They showcase so much edge in this one

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72 Push

The intro to this song is the "The Cure" signature sound for me. - luistabeliao

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73 Kyoto Song
74 Torture
75 Labyrinth
76 Sleep When I'm Dead
77 39
78 Underneath the Stars


De lo mejor sin dudas.

79 It Used to Be Me
80 Secrets V 1 Comment
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