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1 The Man Who Can't Be Moved The Man Who Can't Be Moved Cover Art

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard tracks of this quality, most bands or solo artists all sound so alike and mundane, but The Script have a great identity and superb depth of quality about their material, these are songs that not only sound great, but have me singing along to some pretty amazing lyrics, I recently travelled down to Bournemouth from Oxford to watch the guys, and they delivered a second to none performance that had just about everything you would expect from a top flight band, a great pyrotechnic stage show, a catologue of some truly amazing songs, and great originality that sets them head and shoulders above any artists today. I’ve waited a very long time to follow another band who deliver brilliant self written material that generates great feeling, and now the Script are that group, I loved the fact that they left the stage to join fans in the balcony, and truly appreciate everybody who comes to see them, long may they last, and long may they carry on ...more

I dedicate my life to The Script. I am their number one fan not even joking. This song still makes me cry. I got it on Radio 1 and beat a million other people to it! It's one of those rare songs that makes your hairs on the back of your neck shoot up so straight they almost come off! Danny's voice is angelic and I cannot help from harmonising along to his perfect tone. The lyrics tell a story. The Script follow me on Twitter and Danny had a conversation with me. And they are just genuine guys doing what they love which inspires me. My favourite song of all time! They have gotten me through so many struggles and stresses so thank you to The Script. I will never stop loving you.

The best song ever, written the best band of the world... this song is amazing and inspiring.. This song inspire the filipino fans to be brave in the land of love... I love this song, I cried when I first listened to it... it so touchy but we can get a lesson in this song danny voice is so angelic, and the guitarist, drumer is so handsome like danny... This music is awesome... I hope to see you here in the Philippines and I can't wait to see you danny, mark, glen in person # my idol the script... I'm Angel Bacus from Talisay City, Cebu, Philppines... # angels love you...

All of The Script's songs are carefully written and composed and you really get the emotion and heartfelt effort they put in to every one of them so it was hard to choose from all their masterpieces! I voted The Man Who Can't Be Moved as my favourite song because it really speaks to me, imagine if a person loved you so much that they would wait at the corner of a street where you met until you came back to them! This song tells a story that I will never forget and this song will forever hold a place in my heart! I love The Script and I cannot wait to see them play it live in the summer! :) ♥

2 Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Cover Art

Literally the most inspiring song. Whenever I feel sad or down or I lose a game, I just go in my room, turn off the lights, and let it play.

Definitely #1, I'll admit I didn't know what "the script" was until I heard this song on the radio, this song is about achieving your goals and that's why I like it so much! " Plus the way the song background is, its just awesome! Overall not only is this song good, but it's inspiring to kids when they listen to it, it's not like all the other crap about doing drugs... "Best-song-ever"

One of my favorite songs right now, really inspiring can't stop listening to it. Please vote for this song should go higher in the list.

Just the best song I ever heard... Everything is awesome about this song... Lyrics... Music... Composing... When I first downloaded it I thought "Hall Of ME" sounds a little strange but the song is superb... Should be at least top 3... HATS OFF TO THE SCRIPT!

3 Breakeven Breakeven Cover Art

Danny is probably one of the best writers out there, plus this song has a great tune and extremely catchy. I remember listening to it a couple of months ago; it's been in my head ever since. I forgot it was the script's song and I went searching for it like mad. When I found out it was by him I instantly became a fan. First 'the man who can't be moved' then this. DEFINITELY his best song. Not only is it extremely catchy but it's also got an amazing meaning. Number 1

This song is amazing and it should most certainly be number 1. I came across this song while watching x factor au because samantha jade (the winner) sang it for her audition. She nailed the vocals and so do the script. I absolutely adore this song and there are no words to describe how much I just love it! Simply superb!

Its been a week that I have been listening to this track. Just amazing. Wonderful lyrics. Fine work. But the best is the art. Voice has got a very strong emotion attached to it. It seems as if Danny felt it when he was singing this song. Just amazing.

This song has mingboggling lyrics, demonstrated feelings highly evident in Danny's voice. Though, to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with it being in on 6th place, nothing is this world is always fair. Keep amazing us with your obviously awesome voice, Danny!

4 Nothing Nothing Cover Art

I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SCRIPT I'm from the same area as danny whoo, I went to their concert in belfast last night and glen was saying that they wrote this song because danny was a drunk phoner and that he always phoned people when he was drunk and then danny was all like no I don't LIES and then he was all like so how many of you drink drive and everyone put their hands up and Danny was all like LIARS they actually seem like really down-to-earth guys, they're really funny, really gorgeous and amazing singers after they finished singing this song there was an applause for 3 minutes straight and I am not joking danny actually sat down waiting for us to finish he was laughing his head off it was AMAZING you really should see them in concert. Absolutely brill this song is amazing too xx

Guess this is about bad relationship and still hopefull about it but actually after hearing this song, I feel I don't care about my relationship anymore let alone any hope about it. Best song when for post break up, unexpectedly makes me feel up beat for new relationship.

I love this song so much! It is so good and an amazing song to listen too! You get so caught up in the music! It had a great beat and amazing lyrics. You should listen to it... I promise you will fall in love with this song! I did after the first time I heard it!

Well... Nothing to say completely speechless!
Those words just pierces down to the heart. No matter how many times you hear this song, each time it just makes you fall in love with the song time and time again!
The scripts is the best.

5 For the First Time For the First Time Cover Art

This song changed my life. Absolutely beautiful. I will never forget the first time I heard this song, the state I was in, the feelings I was feeling. Hearing this gave me hope, and soon enough it became my anthem along with the rest of Science & Faith. It still does not seem possible that a human being could ever make something so beautiful.

Total goosebumps and made me cry! Heart touching song by the script... But we're gonna stop by drinking all cheap bottles of wine, sit talking up all night saying things we haven't for a while...

So amazing! This was the first song I heard from the script. I love how even if you aren't at a place in life where their songs relate to me, I still feel like it fits my life completely! I love the Script and they are the best band ever!

I love songs which gradually builds up to climax, this song is one of the example. Touching lyrics at the climax. Also what impresses me is that the emotions of 1st verse(hopeless) and 2nd verse(hopeful) representing are completely different, but the transition between them are very smooth. A masterpiece by The Script

6 If You Could See Me Now

This song tells how much Danny and Mark miss their parents, it's so personal that I can feel the pain they're feeling. I'm in LOVE with this song because it tells what it feels like losing someone you love and care. Well basically The Script writes about life, that's what I love and am always amazed by them.

This song is so good. Should be the number one! Their songs are full of meaning!
The songs I most liked from the script are these:

1. If you could see me now
2. Superheroes
3. Six degrees of separation
4. Nothing
5. Millionaires
6. Hall of fame
7. Breakeven
8. The man who can't be moved
9. For the first time
10. If you ever come back

Song made me cry the first time I heard it. Fantastic, I really The Script, they are massively underrated. Thank you guys for the amazing song. I know what it means to you guys from an interview Danny did, and it makes the song even more important to the band.

This song is just utterly amazing. It's personal and I for one could relate to it. I mean I've lost both my parents when I was seven and this just makes me miss them so much. It's amazing how you can feel their pain and just... I cried when I first heard this.

7 If You Ever Come Back If You Ever Come Back Cover Art

Just brilliant. The lyrics in this song are some of the best I've ever seen. The script are an amazing band not just for their music ability but also for what they can write. If you look up all the lyrics for all these songs they are just "great" and they get to your emotional side when you take it in. I hope the script carry on to make beautiful songs like this one, and to be honest the script really do have the best lyrics, especially for sad, painful songs like this that some people can relate to in their life.

I am totally a The Script fan, and I honestly love all their songs. But "If You Ever Come Back" should at least rank above "Breakeven" or something. Danny O'Donoghue did a superb job on this song, and so did the rest of the band members in providing the drums and guitar. This is totally underrated, and deserves more than a #6.

I personally am IN LOVE with this song. Although I love all songs from The Script (my favourite band), this one just touches my heart. The lyrics, the music, the voices of Danny, Mark and Glen. It is all simply AMAZING! Thumbs up to my boys and I hope you have everlasting happiness with your awesome career

This is the most beautiful song about love. There lies no more truth in being faithful than in this song.
I'll leave the door on the latch if you ever come back. It says everything. No one in this world that has ever REALLY loved would get to think different than like this.

8 Six Degrees of Separation Six Degrees of Separation Cover Art

LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Such good lyrics amazing tune and the BEST CHORUS of all time. Just listen to it:
You're going through six degrees of separation
First you think the worst is a broken heart
What's gonna kill you is the second
And the third, is when your world spins down the mirror
And fourth your gonna think that fixed yourself
Fifth you see the man with someone else
And the sixth if when you admit you may have messed up a little

I just love this song, it really explains how you feel after a separation... I've heard it after my break-up with my boyfriend and I really recognized it. To be honest, I cried and because of that I think it's so realistic.

I think this song has the perfect words to explain how we really feel after separation. And I also think this song's realistic.

A breakup is so hard to talk about and put it into words but the script put it into words perfectly. The music is hard hitting and you can hear the pain in their voices.

9 Superheroes

I love superheroes with my life. Hall of fame is Pretty Good. But Superheroes is one of the best, At least it should be Number 1 or 2.

Oh my god! I just don't understand why this song is at number 33! It should be number 1. I love this song. This song inspires me more than anything! If you're feeling down or heartbroken or anything this is the best song to hear! There could not be a better song than this. THE SCRIPT YOU ROCK! LOVE THIS SONG! LOVE YOU DANNY!

Actually the best song for me to hear when I'm feeling down or heartbroken is Hail Rain Or Sunshine

Come on guys, vote up, this song deserves to be in the Top 5. The lyrics are so inspiring.
"When you've been fighting for it all your life
You've been struggling to make things right
That's how a superhero learns to fly"
This song is truly amazing and I love it!

This song should be number 1. One of the best I listen to throughout my life. In my opinion the best by The Script. This song is very touchy and yes inspiring. This song is close to my heart more than any other. THANK YOU THE SCRIPT!

10 Exit Wounds Exit Wounds Cover Art

This song is making me feel goosebumps every time I listen to it. All of The Script songs are so real. They give descriptions of actual situations people find themselves in life. And if you add all their music talents, you get one of the best bands ever!

This is the first song that I listened to by The Script, and my favorite! This should be number one, then If You Could See Me Now, then Hall of Fame, and so on. They are so AWESOME and EPIC!

LOVE IT! Absolutely awesome song for any broken heart to hear... Music just can't really get any better than this, and if its this good it must be by the Script! Vote!

Lovely song, really meaningful and the intro- wow! The way he sings it makes it so down to earth and realistic to any broken heart. Why isn't this in the top ten?

The Contenders
11 Talk You Down Talk You Down Cover Art

Can't believe this is 11th and Hall Of Fame and Six Degrees of Separation is at the top. The songwriting on Talk You Down is amazing.

I think this song is the best because... The script are amazing! Danny has great vocals and the other boys are so talented. The music video is so cool because danny gets to fly through the air and I just think he's adorable!
Good luck boys

I'm a new fan of the script and it is the better than of my recent favorite bands, this song should be at least at the top 3, so please vote. Very nice song, worth to be sung and retain in our hearts

I love this song! I think this should be a lest #2. I fell in love with The Script once I heard this song. They can make such powerful meanings in songs. Danny's voice makes me shiver all the time.

12 We Cry We Cry Cover Art

Together We-cry as a broken hearted man reveals his exit-wounds as he can't stop loving the woman that has left him, even though she won't-feel-a-thing for him. Not for-the-first-time, his friends try to face him to the reality that she is long-gone-and-moved-on but he's already a deadman-walking because their hearts didn't break-even and she decided to walk-away leaving him as a wreck and she never-came-back. The moral of the story is that even if you think that this-is-love, be wise, don't just fall-for-anything, or you shoot yourself with a bullet-from-a-gun and will be an emotional wreck as someone who-can't-be-moved, with a broken heart and have noth-ing and will always be reminded of what happened before-the-worst when we were with that person we will forever love. But whose we will never again have in return The End. (yea I was bored) Great Band! Thankyou the Script!

The Script make the best music in the world! It is so hard to choose when all their music is so perfect... So often their songs just explain exactly how I feel... And when it doesn't, it sounds great anyway... Almost every script song is my favorite song, but 4 me We Cry will always be the first and best, should be higher... The Script are AWESOME!

This song sympathizes with and accepts Today's problem's rather than pretending they don't exist. Or preaching about change as if it's that easy, we all know it's never that easy. The world is not black and white. Not all questions are Yes or No questions. Getting off topic but the point is that they're amazing and this song is amazing.

One of their best :). The deeply emotional vocals and lyrics, as well as the beautiful and unique arrangement of minor chords, all come together beautifully. It just gives the song a great feel to it. Also, it is helping to highlight some serious social problems in the world which are often overlooked. The Script really are amazing :D.

13 Before the Worst Before the Worst Cover Art

I'm really struck into this song cause, it talks about never giving up in love. When I loose someone important, I wanna go back for her cause I wanna fix "the things" from what they are suppose to be,.. The song has given me courage to fix love when I'm down

It wasn't this song that got me hooked to The Script, but it's on my top 3 favorite songs from the script, I like the song from the piano intro part to the lyrics that are just so good, it makes me want to hear this song over and over again.

I absolutely love the script and everyday before I leave for school I purposely listen to this song so it's in my head all day! I just love them and I don't know why but this song has always been my favoutite.

Well it was very difficult to decide and vote for this song because all script songs are great but the vote had to go somewhere, right?

14 Science & Faith Science & Faith Cover Art

This is the best song I've ever heard of the band the script! I really like this song because the combination of lyrics and the tune can be time... this song is very touching at all especially when entering into chorus... I also greatly appreciate this song when I sing this song
This song should be in the top 5 positions
One word for this incredible song
I love science & faith

This is by far the best The Script song. The lyrics are interesting and the melody is lovely. I agree with the message in this song and I definitely have more faith in God than science. This song is so powerful sometimes I can't help but burst into tears. The Script is a fantastic group and they are definitely in my top two favourite bands.

When I first saw the title I was like, wow is this a deep philosophical song? But then I listened to it and wow Danny is very good at locals! The lyrics are very good and they show the theme that many people encounter--science vs. Faith and religion. This song deserves much higher than a #12. It deserves at least a #3 (no pun intended).

Such a good song! It's really one thing that always makes a person feel better! Such an amazing message and feeling! One of my favorite songs, honestly. I'm a scientific thinker and this is like a wake-up call. It's my dream to have someone sing this to me

15 Broken Arrow

Wow, This Song is really awesome, with the rap and the message behind the song! I m really in love with it

No words to say how much I love this song. My all time favourite song.

I just love this song. its easy listing just sit back and enjoy

Tune keeps getting stuck in my head

16 No Words

I'm completely in love with this song. It's so special when you're thinking about that wonderful person in your life. I love how much I love this song. It's perfection.

The song sets me on fire. The music is amazing and the lyrics are so damn lovable. I mean come on people what else one does need in a song..

There are literally no words to describe how beautiful and perfect this song is.. Love it! The Script Rock!

Its heart breaking when you hear "No words" at all from the one you love. Its like "NOTHING" part 2. This song is so good.

17 Good Ol' Days

Such an amazing song, one of the most upbeat songs that the script actually do, I am a massive fan of the script and this song really shows another side to danny and the lads. Man who can't be moved, talk you down, nothing... All amazing songs... In fact... They all are... But this JUST edges it for me on current choice.

Absolutely love this song. It never fails to cheer me up. I sing it constantly and am always playing the drum sequence. Very upbeat and lively and great use of lyrics!

This song always makes me happy! Thank you, The Script, for writing this song!

Love, love, love The Script!

18 Glowing

Why do I vote this song? Because its just amazing. The lyrics are unbeatable, and they say so much. The background music is so touching, and the chorus just makes me want to sing along. This song is for sure their best work, and deserves to be in the number one spot.

This is the best song EVER! It's a super catchy and has a great beat and lyrics. I really don't understand why this isn't on the top 10 list! This is one of the best songs of all time sung by the by band of all time1

This is most definitely one of the most beautiful song I ever heard! The lyrics are heart-felt and its just perfect. The song will take your breath away. This deserves to be in top 10

Can't believe this song isn't higher! I am absolutely obcessed with the Script and I know all the words to every song off by heart! I LOVE THIS SONG!

19 Millionaires

Most of the other songs above are cool too but millionaires is better than songs like exit wound or if you see kay and more... So I say that millionaires should be at no. 13 or somethin... Believe me this is also a cool song... The script is awesome and actually to tell the truth almost all of their songs are pretty... My favourite is for the first time... My list:
For the first time
Man who can't be moved
Then the rest... So the script is like 1 of my favorite bands and is ther in my everyday playlist and I'm pretty sure they are cool for you too... The script rocks

"And the band was on
Playing our song
We messed up the lyrics
As we sing along
But we didn't care
Cause it felt like we were the only ones there"

Yeah I love it!

Millionaires and For The First Time are the best songs by The Script, in my opinion. But then again, all of The Script songs are amazing.

The bridge if this song is amazing! I love the song as a whole, it's got so muc going for it. It gets better nearer the end in my opinion!

20 Walk Away Walk Away Cover Art

It's really awesommee!
The script is like the most aammaazziinngg band ever!
They are my fave band!
I can't believe this song is on the 20th spot!

21 I'm Yours I'm Yours Cover Art

Why is this song so low on this ranking? It is probably the best The Script song ever. The way Danny sings "I'm Yours" makes me cringe because it's such a simple phrase but he has the ability to much so much emotion in it. Not only this phrase, the whole song is brilliant. I think that's what loving people feel like, that's what I feel like. Thank you, The Script, for this beautiful song.

Although I haven't listened to all the songs above, I certainly believe that it's got to be in the top ten list... It's quite emotional and pleasing at the same time and the way it's been sung makes it really special...

Really got my feeling, really touching.. Makes me remember my girlfriend all the time. Even though I'm not perfect, I'm always belong to her, This song really deserve the top 5

Laugh out loud would be more amazing if it would stand in the bottom of this list. It is like there is only me in this earth know how beautiful and unique the song is

22 Man On a Wire Man On a Wire Cover Art

Seriously 35th? I feel this deserves much better please listen to this song and vote for this song it's the best

It is one of theirs best. Do watch the video and listen the song too. I would certainly rate it 4 out of 5.

Best song from No Doing Without Silence in my opinion. Should at least be in the top 20

It's a great song from a great band. So underrated :-( it should be at least on the top 10

23 Flares

This song is simply amazing. so intense and haunting it sends a shiver down my spine, deserves number one, a masterpiece. I nominate for spectre bond theme song

One of the best songs the script have ever released... deserves to be top 10 - one of the most underrated songs of all time!

Whenever I listen to this song.. I seriously have no words. I wish I could buy it on ITunes already!

The reason this isn't even in the top ten is because no one knows this song. It's my favorite.

24 This = Love This = Love Cover Art

If you want to relieve stress - listen to this song.
If you want a song that expresses a core value of love - listen to this song.
If you just want to listen to some cool rock music - listen to this song.
If you are just bored - listen to this song.
This song is just plain awesome. No words can describe its beauty.

So GOD. Its amazing, and I think that once you listen tot his song you get the feel of what love is. I was super confused about love and then once I hear it, I was like 'Woah, that is'. The meaning is so deep and everything has such a powerful meaning! Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL SONG!

This is by far one of the best songs I've ever heard! Love The Script and all their music! The lyrics touch my heart every time I hear it and I just absolutly LOVE it! Brilliant!

In my opinion this is their best song. I love The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Nothing but those two songs are somewhat depressing too.

25 Give the Love Around

All songs of The Script were perfect! I listened to the most famous and to the not-so-famous ones of their songs, but this one got the throne for my most favorite The Script song! :D

Great song! Gives a very good social message.. Amazing music too.. Really a masterpiece.

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